Saturdays in the 'Shoe

To those who are not familiar with THE Ohio State University, college football here is treated almost like a religion. It is deeply ingrained in the hearts of Ohioans. So, for someone who has lived in Ohio for most of my life, and who grew up a Buckeye fan, it probably seems shocking that I had never been to a game before.

My first game was the season opener against the #5 team in the country. This game has been talked about by sports commentators for months and this would set the tone for the rest of the season as the Buckeyes chase the elusive National Championship. ESPN’s College Gameday began the festivities and there were thousands upon thousands of people on campus. Going to a football game in the iconic Ohio Stadium (also known as the Horseshoe) is an integral part of the student experience at Ohio State. I met so many people in the Block O North section and you build comradery with these people who you have never spoken with before.

There is nothing quite like the feeling when the team enters the stadium and the crowd of 100,000+ erupts. Going around and chanting OH-IO, seeing the Best Band in the Land at halftime doing an incredible performance, and watching some of the best athletes in the country compete truly is an experience that everyone can enjoy (even if you do not happen to know any of the rules of football). The Buckeyes got the win, 21-10, in a battle that was entertaining from beginning to end. And, after the game, there truly is nothing better than signing Carmen Ohio with your arms around fellow students, fans, and friends.

While this was my first game, I definitely do not plan on it being my last, and every home Saturday game I will be in the stands, cheering for the Scarlett and Gray. So, if you are fortunate enough to be a part of the SMF program next fall, make sure you get your student tickets, it is worth every penny!