Pre-Term and its Highlights

As summer started coming to an end, my email inbox started getting full of emails from all different departments at Ohio State. This made me feel anxious and a little overwhelmed but also very excited. I could not believe that after all the hard work that went into my application, the essays, the admission exams, and the interviews I was finally going to start my journey at Fisher College of Business.

During the summer, I had taken the time to review the core business school classes like accounting, economics, and finance. I also met with the Office of Career Management to think about my pitch, the career path that I wanted to pursue, and started research on the companies I wanted to focus on for my internship. Then, an email titled “pre-term agenda” was sent. When I opened it, I saw it had a calendar full of introductions to faculty, resources that the university offered, a career conference, workshops, and speakers.

At first, I was confused because during my undergraduate career, I never had to complete any work before classes started. So when I saw everything we had to be involved in, it made me feel a little nervous; soon I realized this was a great opportunity to get to know my class, even before classes started.

The first week of pre-term rolled around and the days were long but full of useful content. I left every day feeling like our class was becoming closer but I also had a better understanding of what my next two years at Fisher would be like. Some of my favorite parts of pre-term included: meeting my core team, having Dr. Kevin Cordi as a speaker, going zip lining with my class, and the case competition at the end.

Now that classes have started, I can look back at pre-term and better understand its purpose. It allowed us to better grasp what the expectations are for FTMBA students, what the role of the office of career management is in our career search, and to get to know one another: our interests, aspirations after the program, and life experiences before the program. All of this plays an important role in our experience here at Fisher but also at the Ohio State University.