Fisher Graduate Student Appreciation Week

In the month of April, the Fisher College of Business hosted Graduate Student Appreciation Week. Over the course of the seven days, students were recognized with gratitude and fun towards their accomplishments over the school year. The host Lauren Faherty and her GA Taylor Ziegler planned some amazing events for all the students here at Fisher. We had donuts pizza, coffee, snow cones, and more! Each day of the week began with trivia question for students to answer in order to be eligible for prizes such as gift cards, t-shirts, tumblers, etc. On the lawn in front of Fisher, there was even a game day with activities for all students to just stop by and participate in whenever they had time throughout the day. The week really gave time to take the edge off for a minute with finals right around the corner.

Visiting the Snow Cone Truck

I was ecstatic to see us as students be recognized on an average week of the year instead of the typical one time such as graduation. I was able to converse with my cohort and others on a more lighthearted note than in our typical class routine. The week reminded me that we as students have a sense of purpose here at Fisher. We are seen and appreciated for our efforts and motivation to continue at such a prestigious school. During this time of the year, it gets very hard for students with final exams, projects, and all the presentations for every class. The student appreciation week shows that Fisher is here for us, and we are supported through every step of the journey.


I love being a student here because WE ARE APPRECIATED!