Graduation! Reflecting on my MHRM Experience

Graduation always feels like such a distant dream until it actually starts to sneak up on you. It always feels so far away, yet when it does finally come around, you just wish you had more time. As my two years being an MHRM student at Fisher College of Business come to a close, it honestly feels very bittersweet. I am incredibly proud of the hard work and accomplishments that led me to this point, but the community and experience I have gained here make it very, very hard to say goodbye.

Over my time here, I truly feel like I have developed such a broad range of knowledge and skills that will help propel me into whatever career endeavors come my way. Coming right from undergrad as a psychology major who never had taken an HR course before, I feel like I have really developed into a strong HR professional through this program. The professors have created an atmosphere where we were able to put our theoretical knowledge into practice, preparing us for the future and what these concepts will realistically look like in the workplace. Not only did they spoil us with knowledge and advice, they truly care about our careers, which is something I am very grateful for leaving this program.

Beyond academics, I am most thankful for the friendships I have made along the way. I've met some of the greatest friends through this experience and couldn't have reached this point without the mutual support, respect, and laughs we shared along the way. Both personally and professionally, I know I will have a connection with the people in my cohort forever. Fisher College of Business will always have a special place in my heart, a part of me wishes I was back in my first class of the MHRM program and could re-live it all.