Finally Making it to the Schott

As a Combined BSBA/MAcc student, this is my fourth year at Ohio State. During that time, I attended multiple football games a year but never once attended a basketball game. As February came to an end and March Madness loomed ahead, I knew I needed to attend a game soon if I ever wanted to participate in the OSU basketball tradition while a student. Ohio State's earlier game against Iowa was canceled due to COVID, so general admission student tickets were available to purchase online for only $10. I got a ticket, rounded up some friends, and made my way to the Schottenstein Center.

One awesome thing about basketball is that when it is not a huge game, you only need to get to the game about an hour early to get really good seats. My friends and I were right behind the visitors' family section and just off the floor. We had a great view and really comfortable chairs to watch the Buckeyes take on the Hawkeyes.

The energy in the Schott was so electric. Going into the half, the Bucks were only leading by 1, creating a lot of anticipation for the second half. The national championship dance team performed during halftime and were exceptional as always. Unfortunately, the Bucks came up short, losing 75-62, but I was still so glad to experience this Ohio State tradition. It reminded me that the Buckeye spirit goes past football season, and there are fun ways to support Buckeyes year-round.