Fun in Columbus!

After going to school at OSU and living in Columbus for the past five years, it really does start to feel like home. However, each and every year my friends and I, both old and new, still manage to find new, exciting things to do that make our time here even more enjoyable. From bars to restaurants to sports to seasonal activities, there is always something fun to do in Columbus, you just have to know how to find it. 

One of my favorite places to hang out is in the Short North Arts District, which is centered on High Street and honestly the heart and soul of Columbus. There are countless restaurants, bars, and shops each giving off a different vibe and something to appeal to everyone. This is where my friends and I find ourselves every weekend, whether it be a happy hour, lively place to watch football, nice 'treat yourself' dinner, shopping spree, coffee run, brunch, or a place to dance on a Friday night. We are always discovering new places to try, we have even started a new trend we coined "New Bar Friday" where we pick a place we have never been to and give it a shot. Luckily, Columbus is filled to the brim and never lacking a fun place to go and have a good time. 

Additionally, especially in the Fall there are so many fun "fall-tivities" to discover, such as pumpkin picking, apple picking, hiking trails, haunted houses and more that really put you in the spirit of the season. The city and the Short North area also decorate for the season, quite a beautiful sight to see. Same goes for Easton Town Center, one of my favorite malls I have ever been to with almost every store you can think of and numerous restaurants making for the perfect weekend day. 

It is crazy to think that after five years of living in the same city I am still finding new things to do every semester. In the next couple weeks my friends and I are also embarking on the Columbus Coffee Trail where you try a new participating coffee shop all throughout Columbus, document your journey, and even get a free T-shirt! Planning activities like this and finding people to experience Columbus with has truly made the city feel like home.