Lara Harrington

Lean Instructor

Lara Harrington is an engineering professional with 33 years of experience in the automotive and aerospace industry. She recently retired as a Chief Engineer at Honda Research and Development, where she played a pivotal role in overseeing programs within Honda's light-duty truck lineup, notably leading the development of the 2019 Honda Passport. With a background in product development and manufacturing, Lara now brings her extensive expertise to the field of consulting and education. 

In her current role as a consultant specializing in product development and manufacturing, Lara places a strong emphasis on lean principles, leveraging her unique perspective shaped by decades of hands-on experience to seamlessly assist organizations in incorporating these principles into their product development culture. In addition to her consulting work, Lara is a lecturer at The Ohio State University, where she teaches a course on "Lean Product & Process Development." 

Beyond her professional achievements, Lara has served on numerous boards and has been recognized by The Ohio State University as a Distinguished Alumni. She was also chosen in 2015 by Automotive News as one of the most influential women in the automotive industry for her significant impact within the automotive sector.

Lara holds an engineering degree from The Ohio State University.