Develop & Coach a Team of Frontline Problem-Solvers: Q&A with Jamie Parker

As a manager or practitioner, you’ve developed solid problem-solving skills. Yet organizationally, problem solving tends to be isolated to certain people, roles, departments, or events. You still don’t have an “everybody, everywhere, everyday” improvement culture. To build an improvement culture, you have to move from doing problem solving to coaching problem solving. The thing is, these are two distinctly different skills.

At COE's 2021 virtual summit, Jamie V. Parker led a breakout session that highlighted the key steps that help managers transition from being the primary problem solver to coaching a team of problem solvers. You can view the breakout session in the Members Only Digital Content Archive. In the video below, Jamie offers a bit more. 

Check out Jamie's framework of 5 leadership interactions that can help you think through your coaching decisions.

About the Speaker: Jamie Parker helps leaders and organizations master the people side of Lean, with an expertise in building leadership teams who both inspire commitment and develop people along their Lean journey. Through onsite training combined with implementation support and targeted mentoring, Jamie and her clients collaboratively build the leadership capabilities of managers and practitioners. She also supports individual leaders through a virtual 4-month program – Lean Leadership Core: How to Coach Problem Solving. Through over 17 years of multi-unit operations management in manufacturing, retail, and service environments, Jamie has developed a soft spot for mid-level managers and loves the opportunity to serve and guide them in her current practice. You can learn more at

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