Summit pit crew workshop a race to master lean concepts

At least one workshop at this April’s Leading Through Excellence summit is a must-have on your wish list.

pit crew
PIT was founded in 2000 and has since hosted hundreds of companies for training.

The Center for Operational Excellence this spring is partnering with Mooresville, N.C.-based Performance Instruction & Training (PIT), a hotbed for training pit crew athletes worldwide. Not only will PIT leader Ben Cook be kicking off the second day of the summit on Wednesday, April 13, but PIT will be running a limited-capacity hands-on workshop on Tuesday, April 12.

Available as a workshop Tuesday afternoon is “The Pit Crew Experience,” which draws on the high-stakes world of pro-racing pit crews to explore the lean concepts we can apply at our organizations. Much in the spirit of the pit crew changeover itself, though, this workshop is hands-on and fast-paced: After a brief presentation on the “think inside the box” concepts PIT uses to teach its athletes, participants will be plunged into a multi-round tire-changing competition that puts those concepts immediately to work.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to experience the best-in-class lean training offered by PIT, which began operations in 2000 and has trained more than 500 athletes along with more than 200 businesses. In Mooresville, also known as Race City, USA, its campus encompasses 5.5 acres and 32,000 square feet.

Though a highlight of the upcoming summit, “The Pit Crew Experience” is one of 11 workshops and tours being offered on the first day of the summit, which runs April 12-14. Head to our official site for more details.

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