COE summit keynote Duhigg wins Pulitzer Prize

You’ll be reading and seeing a lot more about the incredible experience of our first-ever three-day Leading Through Excellence summit very soon through photos, blog posts and details on our next one – but one piece of news can’t wait.

Charles DuhiggSummit keynote speaker Charles Duhigg joined us Friday to talk about his bestselling book, The Power of Habit, and how “companies are the engine of social change in America.” What he didn’t know then was that he was about to win a prestigious Pulitzer Prize just three days later.

Duhigg and his colleagues at the New York Times won a Pulitzer in the “Explanatory Reporting” category for a series of pieces dubbed “The iEconomy.” Take a look at some Pulitzer submissions here. Duhigg was on a team that was a Pulitzer finalist a few years back and has won his share of awards for his other reporting work – but this is the big one, and we’d like to extend him a note of congratulations.

Anyone who has read The Power of Habit or saw him deliver a dynamic keynote address this past Friday knows this likely isn’t the last great honor he’ll receive. We look forward to what’s next.



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