Oct. 10 webinar shows lean answer to ‘What’s the ROI?’

It’s a term I use, sometimes frivolously, in my marketing and communications strategy. It’s a pillar of business-speak. It’s at the heart of the question that could kill the next proposal you put before your boss:

“What’s the ROI?”

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In lean transformations, many of you know this question is tougher to answer. Real, sustainable change doesn’t happen in a day and it pays off in ways both visible on the bottom line and extremely difficult to quantify, such as culture.

So how do you answer the question when your impassioned case for a lean implementation is punctuated with it? Author and frequent Lean Enterprise Institute contributor Michael Ballé says the completely wrong way to do so is to say or even imply that it’s the wrong kind of question. In fact, answers exist – but you have to know where to dig for them and how to look.

Get tips on all of this on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 2 p.m. EST via a free hour-long webinar run by Ballé. He’ll cover everything from couching lean initiatives in business terms to building teamwork on different levels of management.

LEI says interest in this one is high and we’re looking forward to discussing this topic in the future. So block off an hour on Wednesday. It is free, after all – not too shabby from an ROI perspective.

Click here to learn more and to register.

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