Online series takes a look at operations

Leisure reading and work are typically two things I like to keep separate, but our operations readers might want to mix the two and check out an interesting new series at online news mag Slate.

A new series on the website, crafted by author Seth Stevenson, is taking a look at key tenets of operations over the next few weeks. You can get started by reading his first article here, one entitled “What You Hate Most About Waiting In Line.” This is solid, sprucely written material, though anyone with a years-long background in operations management might find it a bit basic. He’s already waxed poetic on Eli Goldratt’s The Goal and viewed operations through the prism of Southwest Airlines’ successful string of profits.

None of this might be new, or news, to you. What’s at play here, though, is a spotlight being shined on operations at a well-read website that spends much of its time on current events and pop culture. If even a few enterprising, undecided college students feel a light bulb going off reading this, that’s a few steps forward for a field that needs all the bright minds it can get.

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