Fisher’s Faculty

One of my favorite things about The Fisher College of Business is the incredible faculty. My time in the Full Time MBA has introduced me to incredible professors and lecturers  – all who are more than willing to share their experiences and expertise.

Professor James A. Hill Jr – Worked at Pepsi Cola as a production manager and a supplier development manager

I am currently enrolled in the class Organization Turnaround taught by Mr. Jeff Rodeck, who worked at FedEx as Senior Vice President before becoming CEO and turning around Hyperion. It is a very interesting class and he has brought in other speakers to share their experience of how to change the course of a company/firm for the better.

Other professors have worked for P&G, Sears, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte, Pepsi Co., The Limited, Wells Fargo and more. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from those that have experience in the field and with companies across the globe.

Fisher’s faculty also have incredibly diverse and broad research background. Publications vary across all areas and numerous members of our faculty have received distinguished awards for their publications.

Our Senior Associate Dean, Karen Hopper Wruck, also teaches Corporate Finance II. I am currently taking Corp. Finance I now – so hopefully I’ll be seeing her in the classroom next term!

See all faculty bios and learn about their expertise here.

Talk soon!

Lost In Translation

In my last blog entry, I mentioned that I spent part of last year living in China. I love talking with others about China and sharing my experiences. Recently, I’ve had several classmates ask me about my time abroad, so I decided that an entry about China was overdue.

After graduating from Clemson University in 2009, I decided to take a year off before starting graduate school. Originally, I wanted to spend a year in Spain (where I studied abroad my sophomore year), possibly teaching English. One of my friends from Clemson, who was also looking into a gap-year activity, mentioned that it would be much easier to find a job in Asia, where there is a high demand for English teachers. After doing quite a bit of research online and speaking with the International Department at Clemson, I decided on a job at Nantong University, in Jiangsu, China.

At Nantong University I taught three courses, Writing, Speaking, and Journal & Periodical Writing, to sophomores and juniors. I had an amazing group of students who were eager to learn about the English language and were fascinated with American culture. I was free to make my own lesson plans, which allowed me to create fun and unique activities. Occasionally, I would show an American movie and have my students act out an alternate ending. Sometimes we even played Catch Phrase!

Nantong University
My Class!

Of course, not everything was amazing. I definitely paid a price for living in a country without knowing the native language. Problems with language barriers ranged from “accidentally” getting my hair died pink to living in China “illegally” (but it was less than a day…) and consequently, having to write an apology note to the government.

I learned so much about Chinese culture and am grateful that I can continue to learn more about it at The Ohio State University. I have made so many friends from China at the Fisher College of Business and love reminiscing with them about my adventures. I feel lucky I to attend a university with such a rich culture!