Getting Involved – With Precision

It’s no secret, I love to join clubs and organizations. You can ask people in my program! If possible, I would join every single club at Fisher. However, that isn’t always the best idea…it’s better to join organizations that align with your passions, interests and future career goals (I know, sounds kind of corny – but it’s true!)

Personally, I am the VP of Marketing for FisherServes, Treasurer for Innovation Fisher and on the Steering Committee for Fisher Follies. I am also a member of AMP (Association of Marketing Professionals).


Just for your reference:

  • FisherServes – An organization that focuses on philanthropy and community service. We connect FCOB students to volunteer activities in Columbus and we host events that raise money for the surrounding community. Tomorrow is our volleyball tournament – stay tuned for that post!!
  • Innovation Fisher– Is a group that focuses on innovation throughout all aspects of the business world. We offer workshops, engagement activities, tours/events and ways to truly see innovation in practice.

    IF homepage – click the icon to learn more!
  • Fisher Follies– A student group that fosters community at Fisher through creativity (and humor). The two major events are an auction and variety show

    The FisherFollies Exec Team getting ready for the 2013 Variety Show
  • AMP – The marketing group of FCOB. This group helps prepare students for marketing careers with support, knowledge and networking.




See? Told you that I like to be involved. But, hey, it adds excitement and things to do to my already busy school schedule.

Each of these clubs has a special place in my heart. I have met incredible people through these organizations and had an absolute blast. With AMP I traveled to Chicago last year for the marketing hop and am constantly getting to network with fantastic marketing professors and professionals. IF uncovered my passion for innovation and led to my internship at Alliance Data as their Innovation Intern. FisherServes allows me to really stretch my marketing and event planning skills, with lots of fundraising experience as well. FisherFollies introduced me to a great group and really shown me how a small, but mighty, group can impact the Fisher community.

HOWEVER – these are just the groups that I decided to join. Everyone’s story is a little bit different. My friend is a part of the Fisher Graduate Women in Business and putting on workshops that address issues women face in the business world. Another good friend of mine is part of the Fisher Networking Club and plans all of the events/happy hours/socials that make Fisher a family.

We also have a Consulting Club, a Veterans Association, a  Chinese Business Professional Association, a Sports Business Association and so, so many more.

Students are able to attend workshops and events of other organizations, so it’s a great way to learn more about topics outside your focus. For example, I have a one-hour Six Sigma workshop next week and lunch with a C-level Executive next month, and about ten other events in-between. Not too shabby 🙂

Bottom line – join the clubs that are going to be fun. Doesn’t matter if it’s not your major or your focus, join clubs that you think will interest you.

You won’t be bored here at Fisher!

FETCH! :: MAcc students and community service

FETCH! is the game named after the same acronym that stands for financial education teaches children healthy habits. This game was created by members of the Ohio Society of CPAs to help teach elementary aged children the basics of accounting. This game is taken into the classroom by volunteers from the society and from various graduate accounting programs in Ohio (such as Fisher’s). You may or may not recall from an earlier blog that I was anxiously awaiting this program. I have always found teaching a rewarding experience and today was no exception because today I was able to visit Wickliffe Progressive, an elementary school in Upper Arlington, OH.

Let me start off by letting you know the kids were amazing! They were very well behaved and seemed to really enjoy their time with their teacher Molly Hinkle. I was very impressed by their composure and their good manners. Before the game started, we were asked to conduct a quick 15 minute discussion about accounting and CPAs. I was pleased to know that they knew much more about accounting than I did when I was their age. Starting off the game, a lot of the kids immediately formulated strategies they hoped would help them win. As the game was played, they found many obstacles and stumbling blocks that forced them to reformulate their strategies. After the game clock ran out and a team was awarded the coveted bone-pencil prize, we had another discussion. When asked how auditor Michael (me) was helpful in the game, the kids were extremely insightful. They mentioned that they were glad I was there because it forced them to double check their numbers before they recorded a transaction. They also said my presence would be helpful because I could catch mistakes on their balance sheet and prevent those mistakes from perpetuating throughout the game. Finally, they also said it helped them trust the balances of other teams. Wow! I wish I had FETCH! when I was in elementary school.

It was fun to volunteer for something like this. I hope the MAcc program will continue to provide me with these opportunities and I already know of at least one coming down the pipeline. I’m speaking of the VITA clinic offered through the Fisher School of Business. No matter how it is that I’m giving back, I find it extremely rewarding and can’t wait until the next time!

Some Like it Hot – a Fisher homage to Tony Curtis

Service to others is the rent we pay for time on this planet.

I heard this quote from the late Tony Curtis, last week on NPR as I drove to Fisher.  I found it very fitting given that as a First Year MBA student I spent my lunch hours last week learning about all the different student organizations at Fisher, most of which have a strong service component.  There’s Fisher Board Fellows that matches MBA students with local non-profits; Fisher 5K which raised and donated over $17,000 to charities in 2010; Fisher Serves coordinates many service-based initiatives, including the upcoming Fisher Community Service Day.  Even Fisher Follies has a charitable component – and they encourage student comedy, just like Tony Curtis would have wanted.

This is just a small sample of the Student Organizations at Fisher.  Unlike ‘Spats Columbo’, the students of Fisher are earning their rent on this planet – one great organization at a time.  Now I just have to decide how many of these great Student Organizations I can fit into my schedule…

Service Projects

During my undergrad, I was a member of a National Honorary Band Service Sorority, Tau Beta Sigma – shout out to all of my Chi sisters. Our main focus was the Ohio State Marching Band and the School of Music while also helping music programs around the greater Columbus Area. I’ve had an interest in service projects since middle school, so I found this to be a good opportunity to get involved in a more unique way. Since becoming an Alumni, I’ve needed a new outlet, so I joined the GHRA and signed up to be on the Service Committee. Last night was our first service committee meeting. Our three chairs started talking to us about a potential service project which involved a somewhat sponsorship by General Mills in order to make Thanksgiving Baskets for the single parent students living in Buckeye Village. Great Idea!! The problem is that we don’t know how to get people involved and actually want to help. There’s so little time between now and Thanksgiving – three weeks or so – that we don’t have time to set up a full blown fundraiser or really market the activity. We’re working with a few other groups, I won’t mention them until it’s all set in stone, but we need some ideas on how to pull this off. Would it be easier to ask for money? To sell something – bake sale style or something else simple? Or to ask for donations such as food, materials to make the baskets, etc?

Does anyone have any ideas? The details are still being worked out, but any ideas in the meantime would be greatly appreciated!