Food Perks Around Fisher

One of the perks of constantly being on Fisher’s and Ohio State’s main campus is the multitude of places that deliver food. Once I find a place I love, I usually do not go anywhere or try anything new. Being a student ambassador, I am constantly looking for places to deliver while I am working. Since not many places in Arkansas delivered, I stuck with Jimmy Johns for starters. The subs are fantastic and the food is delivered in like 5 minutes. I usually get this amazing ham and turkey sandwich with bacon.  If you are looking to go outside the box a little, I would advise my new favorite place, Currito (known to me as burrito with a C). This place is FANTASTIC and also reasonably priced! For $10 I can get a burrito bowl exactly how I want and a strawberry banana smoothie! Their slogan, “Burrito without Borders” fits them perfectly. You can get anything you want on your burrito, or burrito bowl, within reason. While the delivery time is a little slower, it is DEFINITELY worth it.

Burrito...with borders in this case
Burrito…with borders in this case
By the time you finish reading this, the freaky fast delivery will be at your doorstep
By the time you finish reading this, the freaky fast delivery will be at your doorstep

Now to the splurge meal that gets its own paragraph. Adriatico’s is like a little slice of heaven…more like a big slice, actually.  During my visit last year, I experienced the perfectness that is Adriatico’s. No pizza I have ever had even comes close, and they have specials constantly for college students. For instance, on Sundays with your BuckID, everything is 20% off. On Mondays and Tuesdays, as well, large pizzas are $12.55.

Best pizza on EARTH!
Best pizza on EARTH!


I honestly would be able to imagine life and Fisher without these three places. When Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, just feed one,” I wonder if she knew this would be my life story, constantly feeding myself delivery at Fisher…hmm….

Columbus Favorites: Northstar Cafe

My long week of final exams ended with a three hour Econ final. I needed to load up on some much-needed comfort food, so I headed to one of my favorite places in Columbus: Northstar Cafe.



They have three locations, but since it was an unseasonably warm fall day, we headed to the one on High street, which has a nice outdoor seating area.


Their food is delicious, all locally grown and organic. I ordered my favorites: chicken avocado sandwich (slow-roasted bell peppers, chicken, avocado, topped with cheddar cheese and arugula) with sweet potato fries (tossed with caramelized onions and rosemary), paired with their legendary ginger ale (ginger, organic cane sugar, lime juice and mint).  Yum!

If you still have room after that delicious meal, their cookies are DIVINE… and I love how they note the time the cookies were made!

This is definitely one of my favorite local places.. it never disappoints!