It’s time for satellite radio!

I’ve never been a HUGE radio listener.  And I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve faithfully tuned to a radio station.  For me, the only times I really get into the radio is when I am hunting all day long and need a steady dose of country music or, for some ridiculous reason, I happen to be up at or around 7am to see if I can catch some random Donny Baker rant on “The Bob & Tom Show”.  When it comes to radio, my biggest gripe was always too much advertisement and not enough music.

Every now and again, some salesperson from Sirius will inconveniently call me and try to hustle me into a renewal subscription.  So after much “negotiation” (which resulted in getting a smokin’ deal),  I agreed to renew my Sirius Satellite radio subscription in my car.  Up until I started the MLHR program, I didn’t spend a whole of time in my car commuting.  But now, I’m in my car at least 30-35 minutes three times per week at a minimum.  Needless to say, I feel this is more of a “school-related” purchase than anything to me.

With all that being said, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite Sirius satellite below for your reading.

My favorite channels (in numerical order):

1.)  80’s on Ch. 8.  If you are an 80’s wild child that wore HyperColor & bleached jeans and  lived and breathed Metallica, then this station is for you.  Just yesterday, I heard Styx, a ton of Def Leopard and Warrant.

2.)  90’s on Ch. 9.  Dr. Dre.  Snoop Dogg.  BizMarkie.  Skee-lo.  Tupac.  Notorious B.I.G.  Boyz II Men.  If you like those artists, then you will find them on this station.  I grew up in this era…and this is my kind of music.  This station is like taking a trip down memory lane.

3.)  The Pulse – Ch. 12.  This is a Top 40 Hits station.

4.) Coffee House – Ch. 30.  This is one of my favorite stations.  It has live acoustic & original recording from well-known as well as up-and-coming artists looking for their big break.  My only quip with this is that the station started playing The Beatles.  And I don’t like The Beatles.  They already have a station on Sirius dedicated to BEATLES only.

5.)  Electric Area – Ch.38.  Techno-beats.  If you need some rage music (FYI, Garren Cabral, fellow MLHR blogger), then this is the station for you.  24/7 Techno, Trance and Dance beats.

6.)  Seriously Sinatra – Ch. 75.  Such a great station.  Frank Sinatra is amazing.  And I love this kind of music because it mellows me out and keeps me in a lighthearted mood.

These are just 5 of about 150+ commercial free stations.  I didn’t even mention the 40+ news, comedy, sports, weather and traffic stations that I enjoy.  I think the station I am looking forward to most (and I haven’t checked to see if it LIVE yet) is the all “Charlie Sheen” station.  Because from what I’ve gathered from Charlie Sheen this week, I’m all about “bi-winning” and I’m sure there will be something meaningful being broadcasted.


Local radio DJ Andyman of CD101 died over the weekend. For those of you who grew up in Columbus, you have probably listened to him on the radio.

My first introduction to CD101 was in the fall of 1994. I was a freshman in high school and Ben, the senior that drove me to school, listened to CD101. I grew up in Dublin and went to high school at St. Charles so we listened to the radio for about 30 – 40 minutes every morning. It was on these drives that I was introduced to bands like The Clash, The Smiths, The Ramones, The Replacements, Wilco, etc. and also heard new music from my favorite bands like Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters.

Although I don’t listen to CD101 as much as I used to, it still holds the #1 preset spot on my car radio and is what I turn to first when I want to listen to music.

CD101 doesn’t play great music every time (a recent example is Owl City’s “Fireflies”) but they do play good music the large majority of the time and for that we owe CD101 and Andyman a huge debt of gratitude.