Back to school, back to the books

In less than 72 hours I will be walking into Global Environment of Business and starting my second semester of my MBA program. I will be back in a (hectic/coffee-driven) routine of classes, interviews, homework, reading, study-groups, meetings, happy-hours, and more.

I can’t wait!

Truly, break was wonderful – peaceful and relaxing. I saw family, ate more than a normal human should, got in a ton of great runs, saw so many old friends and had a wonderful time ringing in 2013. I focused on filling out internship applications, researching companies and sending out networking emails. I traveled to Chicago with a few members of the Association of Marketing Professionals (AMP) and had a whirl-wind of a trip. Scrubbed my apartment till it sparkled and even slept in a few days (never thought I would say that in grad school).

And now I am ready to get back to work and back to school. I think a month break is my limit – started to go a little stir-crazy.

-photo found on Ohio State’s Image of the Day website- Hello snow!

I think what makes me even happier about classes starting again is the lack of apprehension. Let me explain, in August before pre-term and first term, I had NO idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure whom I would meet, how I would adapt to my professors’ teaching styles and if I would be able to meet my own expectations (I know, sorry, emotional blog). But I survived, met incredible colleagues and friends, and in my humble opinion, am doing pretty well with everything 🙂

So, here’s to 2013.  Within this year I will finish my first year of my program, intern at a great company, continue to grow and network the heck out of every opportunity. I will try not to stress, try not to over-think and enjoy this great adventure.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!




You say you want a resolution…

A resolution is not a burden, but an opportunity — a chance to prove you’re master of your fate.  -Terry Dunkle

I read this quote in an article by Terry Dunkle and it really made me think.  I’m not normally one to make New Year’s Resolutions.  I believe most of us make resolutions that reflect our end goal and not the steps we need to get there.  For instance, a common resolution is to lose weight.  But, without a metric for how to accomplish this, you set yourself up for failure.  Even if you say “I will go to the gym every day”, you are setting yourself up for failure.  You miss one day, promise that it won’t happen again but inevitably life gets in the way.  Sometime in March you realize that you haven’t been to the gym in weeks and then you beat yourself up for failing on your resolution.  Or, perhaps this only happens to me?

But this quote forced me to rethink resolutions – to look at them as opportunities to construct positive change without the internal punishment for “failure”.  Resolutions should be a chance to commit yourself to doing something differently, even if you accomplish it incrementally.  In that spirit, this year I am making a couple of resolutions:

  • Take on one more activity/class/event than I think I can handle in order to stretch myself and get the most out of my time at Fisher (which is already flying by!).
  • Get back to the person I used to be.  You know, the one who actually liked to exercise and wouldn’t miss it for anything.  I remember her… 🙂
  • Embrace the advice given to us by Senior Associate Dean Karen Wruck during Fisher Advantage Orientation: “All of [the Fisher MBA students] have enormous potential.  Find it in your classmates.  Don’t squander your own.”  (Paying special attention to that last phrase)
  • Spend at least two evenings at home NOT doing homework – at least until the kids are in bed…
  • Make entries to this blog more often!

The plan is to do better – it’s not an all or nothing game.   Here’s to a fantastic 2011!

New Year Excitement

There are several ways people choose to spend both the last few moments of the ending year and the first few moments of a new one. Some people choose to contemplate. These want to ponder on the activities of the dying year and analyze their life over that time. Perhaps they think about goals they had previously set and what occurred in their lives to allow or prevent them from achievement. Likely, these people give time and thought to the upcoming year and what they will strive to accomplish: new year’s resolutions. There exists a polar opposite from this group. These people find little reason to contemplate things past and things that are to come let alone stay up to see the transition. Perhaps these people are comfortable in bed knowing that the good night’s rest is essential to starting a new day now. After all, the old adage states, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that is why they call it the present.” Yet still you might find another way of approaching New Year’s Eve. Many people are social creatures and love to party! Many Americans celebrate random holidays to give themselves excuses to spend time with friends and enjoy each others company (I know St. Patrick’s Day is originally an Irish Catholic holiday but that doesn’t stop the rest of America from wearing green).

New Years

Perhaps I don’t subscribe to labels or maybe I’m just confused but I’d like to say I find a little bit of myself in all of those approaches. Better yet, maybe that’s where most people are too. I did catch myself reflecting on how the year panned out and what I might like to change this upcoming year. After all, if you never set goals and hold yourself accountable (through measurement and reporting), you might never accomplish things you truly desired. At the same time, I don’t think I take it too seriously. While committing to a goal is paramount in reaching it, beating yourself up (if you fail) does very little to help you out. In fact, I went to bed rather early New Year’s morning: before 1 a.m. Part of the reason I was even up that late was because so many of my friends were out and socializing. There was camaraderie outside of the guise of some sort of work. It was fun.

Classes started Monday the 3rd (a slight downside to being on a quarter system school). To be honest, I have enjoyed the way this year has started. I frankly get bored easily and returning to classes has helped me add structure to my day. We have had the opportunity of witnessing Buckeye superiority in a thriller BCS bowl game (at least we showed up from the Big 10 conference). Make sure you check it out if you haven’t already. 2010 has been wonderful to me but I’m ready for 2011. This year I can look forward to finishing my graduate education, becoming a Certified Public Accountant, moving back to New York, and starting a new phase of life. Look out!