My Fisher Internship

I’m hooked on blogging, what can I say?

This summer, after the My Fisher Grad Life blog wraps up for the year, I’ll be continuing to write for the My Fisher Internship blog.  This blog will allow a few of us Fisher students, both undergraduate and graduate, share details about our summer internships, our exploits and travels as we head out into the big bad world for a summer.  Check us out here!

Now on to my actual internship.  Starting June 20th, I will be at OCLC here in Dublin, OH.  OCLC is a global non-profit that specializes in the creation and linkage of digital libraries across the world as well as ensuring their information security.  Although not many people have heard of them, we have a headcount of approximately 800 people in Dublin alone and draw Library Science and Information Securities students and professionals from all over the country.

While I will be in a more generalist role 50% of the time, I will be working as their Diversity/Inclusion intern the other 50%.  This is something that I am very passionate about and I’m hoping that my experiences this summer will allow me to determine whether or not D/I is a specialty I may want to pursue down the road.

Diversity/Inclusion encompasses a few things.  First off, the most visible and prevalent aspect of the field is the creation or Employee Resource Groups, groups within the organization that serve to promote awareness of a certain group (such as women, veterans, LGBTQ, Asian, Black, etc.) as well as serve a business function like increasing diversity in recruitment and developing employees in this group to move upward within the organization.  To prevent these ERG’s from becoming just a social group, they are required to submit a business case detailing how the group will benefit the organization.

The Inclusion piece of D/I deals with getting the organization’s culture as a whole and making sure that the needs of all employees are met, making sure they are satisfied with the organizational culture and so forth.

One of the most exciting parts about my internship is that the D/I officer is relatively new to the organization.  Joining us from sunny California, Patrice Jimerson has extensive experience in this field, but has a lot of work to do at OCLC.  This is exciting for me because I will be working with her to develop the program within the organization with essentially a blank slate.  This kind of experience will be invaluable to me if I do pursue D/I as a specialty.

Although I’m not looking forward to commuting to Dublin every day for the summer, I am excited about the opportunity, the people I will be working with and the chance to use our world class gym after work.  (I’ll be able to get a work out in, relieve some stress and wait for the traffic to die down on 270/315.)  I’ll need those work outs especially since I plan on eating here (unlimited California Rolls!  Vietnamese Summer Rolls!  Tempura!) just about every day, hopefully with some of the Cohort that will be at Cardinal Health across the street.

So be sure to check out my new blog!  I promise a couple more posts on this one too.  Don’t worry.  🙂

The courtyard at the main OCLC building