OSU Football Update

It has officially been 2439 days since Michigan’s last victory over Ohio State in Football. O-H!!!! That being said, I am quite excited about football season starting in a few short weeks. Terrell Pryor should be much better this year, and coming off the win in the Rose Bowl should give us a fair amount of momentum through the first few games and into the OSU vs Miami (FL) game. I’m excited, and yes, I did get tickets to the Miami game – it’s going to be amazing.

Today, on my way into work, I heard on the radio that Maurice Clarett has re-enrolled at Ohio State. No, he will not be playing for the buckeyes – I’m fairly certain there are few rules about not being able to play once you’ve been recruited for a team to play in the pros. You can read the full story here. But anyway, I’m fully supportive of him getting a degree and attempting to make himself a normal life and support his child. I think it’s awesome.

So this week is the first of the teacher camps for the Department of Material Science and Engineering. So far everything is going very well. I have gone up and down 4 flights of stairs about 20 times already, and my legs are getting sore. I know I can take the elevator, but it is so much more gratifying to know how much I’ve gone up and down the stairs. It seems as though all of the teachers are very excited to be able to take the experiments home to their schools and find new ways to get their students excited about science in general and especially materials science. One of the teachers has already signed up to come to next week’s advanced camp, which is very cool that he’s had such a great time so far.

For now, I’m off to distribute t-shirts and then go to a Women In Engineering demo. Should be really cool. They’re inflating milk jugs to show the students that it’s the same material as a plastic grocery bag, and depending on how thick it is and how it’s shaped, the carrying capacities are different – they might also be putting flowers in liquid nitrogen and smashing them. It’s going to be awesome! Yay recruiting events!

Happy Tuesday! Go to the state fair!

Well it’s Back to Reality

Oh man. What a whirlwind the last 2 weeks have been. I am now reporting to you as an “old married lady” as my friends now call me. The week leading up to the wedding was, let’s just say eventful. The Tuesday before the wedding, my sister/maid of honor was hit, head on, as she was driving home from work. After totaling her car, fracturing her sternum and having a significant amount of bruising, she still looked absolutely beautiful. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, my car was broken into. What did they steal? A GPS with a screwed up display and almost out of battery, and oops, they didn’t take the charger for it. And they also stole my Straight No Chaser CD. If you don’t know who they are, they’re an acapella group from Indiana University, and they’re fantastic. Watch this video of them singing the 12 Days of Christmas in a way you’ve never seen before. So after those two snafus, the wedding went off without a hitch. It rained, but about 30 minutes away from where my wedding was, and the rest of day was absolutely beautiful. I only have a few pictures from the day so far, but below is one of my favorites of what I do have. 🙂

The reception was a lot of fun, too. Oh boy, I did not know wedding dresses could get so heavy and hot as the day goes on. It’s alright though. I had so much fun. As soon as we get our wedding pictures back, I’ll be sure to post some online. It may take a while though. They took close to 1,500 pictures and they have to edit them all. Definitely not a job I would want.

The honeymoon was a blast as well. We went to Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons. After seeing a bison take out the front panel of a car, almost hitting two wolves as they ran out in front of us, watching black bears and grizzly bears snack on some berry bushes on the side of the road, and horse back riding, we can honestly say we had a blast. We had a lot of fun. Pictures are below.

We hiked a lot, too. I would definitely go back.

This week, however, is a 40-hour work week.  Benjamin gets the week of from work, so he has a “honey-do” list. The first is buying a washer and dryer!!! I however, will be working hard at finishing my training for GE, catching up on what I missed at both jobs, and preparing for the summer camps MSE offers. It should be a fun filled week.

And so I sign off, for the first time, ever, as Amanda Wenner. Have a great week everyone!

Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head

Well, despite the beauty of yesterday’s weather, today leaves a lot to be desired. I know rain is important, but I wish it would rain when I didn’t have to walk around outside and have conveniently left my umbrella at my parents’ house. Lucky me.

Anyway – this week was packed full of fun and exciting things. First off, my fiance graduated from Michigan State this weekend! Congratulations to him! He’s now officially back in Columbus. Yesterday he started working for Animal Sciences and he’s now a Buckeye! BuckID and all!

Yesterday I started my GAA position with Materials Science and Engineering. They took me on a tour of all of the different labs within the three buildings which house MSE. It was pretty awesome. Apparently there was a fire in the Foundry a few weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know, like me before yesterday, a Foundry is where molds are made and liquid metal is poured into the molds to make pieces and parts. I think this position will be a lot of fun. Definitely a learning experience, but fun nonetheless. It will also be a chance for me to come out of my shell a little bit. One random part of yesterday is one of the guys who is a student worker in the department is a friend of mine from when I worked with the Marching and Athletic Bands. I haven’t seen Shawn in a while, so it was good to see him and know that I’ll be working with him a little bit with my GAA.

Group projects seem to be overwhelming my life right now – that and my project for IMS, which I still have to put the finishing touches on. I need about 4 more hours in the day to get everything done. Our compensation project is delayed because all of us are so busy. But the good thing is that we got a lot done in our last meeting, more than most groups have done, so we’re a little bit ahead of the game at this point.

Oh! And great news! After studying for about 20 hours leading up to my 854 exam (it was a midterm, not final like I said in my last blog) with only a 6 hour break for sleep in the middle, I managed to pull off a 95%! My only regrets were that extra credit was only finding the equilibrium in a monopoly and a perfect competition. I wish it would have asked us to find the profit difference between the two. After all, I did study that a lot with the expectation that we would have to do some math. Oh well.

For now, I hope every stays out of the rain, and if you can’t, hopefully you have an umbrella. Happy Tuesday!