OSU Sites to See Before Graduation

It’s not too late to see some of the best spots on OSU campus!  Here are some of my favorites from undergrad and this past year in the Fisher MAcc:

Orton Hall

I love hearing the chimes of the Orton Tower bells when I’m walking along the Oval on campus.  If you’re lucky, you can hear them playing “Carmen Ohio,” our school’s alma mater.  One of my favorite memories from my time here as an undergrad was walking across the Oval back to my dorm on South Campus with my sister one winter evening.  It had just snowed, so there was a foot or two on the ground.  We proceeded to drop our backpacks and make snow angels in the fresh snow when “Carmen Ohio” started playing on the bells.  I’ll never forget times like that when I felt so happy to be a Buckeye!

For anyone interested, you can actually climb the Orton Bell Tower next Wednesday, May 1, from 6-9 PM, as part of OSU Commencement Week!

The beautiful Orton Hall (photo courtesy of Ohio State)

Ohio Stadium

I can’t think of any fall quarter or semester here at Ohio State without recalling some incredible football games in the ‘Shoe.  I walked across the field at convocation to start off my freshman year at Ohio State, and I cannot believe it’s already next Sunday when I’ll be crossing the field again, this time as a graduate.  This is definitely a must-see on any tour of campus, and I highly suggest taking photos outside the ‘Shoe on graduation day!

The ‘Shoe at night (photo courtesy of Ohio State)

Mirror Lake

This area of campus is special to me, because South Campus was my home as a freshman.  I crossed the South Oval and saw the fountains of Mirror Lake every day walking to class.  Although the most memorable time at Mirror Lake for many students is the Mirror Lake jump before the Michigan game, it’s definitely still a great place to check out on any spring day.

Thompson Library

Any tour of campus is incomplete without stopping into Thompson Library to see the giant book stacks and take a trip to the 11th floor Reading Room.  The 11th floor offers 360-degree views of campus and downtown Columbus.  But be careful – this is a quiet study room, so you might get glares from students trying to study during finals week if you’re too loud!

Thompson Library on a spring day (photo courtesy of Ohio State)

There are plenty more special spots for OSU students.  That’s one of my favorite things about being part of such a huge campus:  50,000 students all love something different about this university.  You can actually take a “Things You Never Got To See” Tour during Commencement Week as well to check out some of the more popular buildings.  For all of you graduates – don’t leave campus without at least taking a stroll through the Oval and soaking up some sun with your fellow Buckeyes before taking off and starting your new careers!

So many reasons to give thanks

Thanksgiving week was a wonderful time to reflect on the many blessings in my life. Among the usual things like family, friends, and health, there are other things I’m thankful for this year.

  1.  I’ve had four years and countless wonderful experiences at Ohio State/ Fisher.
  2. One of these experiences led me to an internship that has led to a job in Boston after graduation.
  3.  I have met lifelong friends through Ohio State, Fisher, and the MAcc program.
  4. MAcc has become so close so quickly, we found it sad to say goodbye for Thanksgiving break. How are we ever going to handle graduation?!
  5.  We had a good turnout and amazing variety of delicious food for our MAcc Thanksgiving potluck.
  6. I experienced the Mirror Lake jump (students jump in a small lake on campus the Tuesday before we play Michigan in football) with my roommates and MAcc friends. (See photo below.)
  7. I can honestly tell people that I love this program, enjoy my classes, and have met amazing people!
It was cold but totally worth it.

Mirror Lake drained – what was in it?

Ok I thought I would add this as an additional post instead of having a really long one but I thought it was necessary.  The Mirror Lake jump is actually rather gross and Imagine it filled with duck poo. On more than one occasion students have gotten hypothermia and been hospitalized.  Also, many students also lose a lot of belongings during the jump every year.

Last year, they drained Mirror Lake and cleaned it out (so the Mirror Lake jump, the final one for my senior year and the last one on Thursday, was pretty clean).  This is part of an email I received last year from my former supervisor – it’s a list of the things that were found when the lake was drained.

1 – Microwave

1 – broom

1 – orthopedic foot brace

7 – shirts, various colors and types

12 – cell phones

11 – shoes (individual)

7 – sets of keys

8 – pairs of sunglasses

15 – hats, various colors

1 – dining hall tray

4 – rings

9 – pairs of pants

3 – dog toys, various types

6 – beach balls, deflated

1 – mattress

1 – portable walkie talkie, non-OSU

5 – pairs of glasses, some are prescription

2 – necklace

3 – BuckID

1 – credit card

1 – homemade robot car

1 – physical stimulation tool

3 – golf balls

1 – bicycle seat

2 – pieces of pipe

3 – slippers (individual)

1 – briefcase, empty

1 – headband

1 – black, steel, university trash receptacle

2 – swim goggles

1 – bike pedal with crank attached

1 – swim fin

1 – water jug

1 – dog tags

1 – wine glass

1 – nursing information DVD

1 – fence post

1 – shower caddy

1 – Frisbee

3 – socks (individual)

1 – stopwatch

1 – camera, disposable

1 – drivers license

1 – Marvin the Martian toy

3 – traffic cones

1 – digital camera

1 – umbrella

1 – I-Phone

Misc coins

So random.


Thanksgiving Break and The Jump

This weekend I went home again for Thanksgiving and it was a great time. Although it’s always hectic traveling to and from Colorado in one weekend (and luckily, no, I did not have any trouble with the overly-hyped new security measures), this was definitely a perfect way to recharge my batteries before this last week of classes. I started the weekend by walking around my old college town, Fort Collins, with some good friends – and what better way to stay warm in the Colorado cold then some hot chocolate?

Friends in Fort Collins
Cocoa for the Colorado Cold

I spent the next day, Thanksgiving, with my family and one of the stories that came up was the Mirror Lake jump. Yes, I was one of the students just crazy enough to partake in this tradition this year. For anyone that has not heard about it yet, every year a ton of Ohio State students go over to Mirror Lake – basically a decent sized pond – and they simply jump in the freezing water. Apparently this ritual is supposed to “bring down the spirit of Woody Hayes” to make sure the Buckeyes beat Michigan, but all I know is that the water was freezing! I probably only stayed in about 30 seconds, but when it was all said and done (and I did not get hypothermia), I’m definitely glad I was able to take part in this crazy tradition. If anything, it was a great topic to discuss while eating some good ol’ turkey and mashed potatoes.

The rest of my Thanksgiving weekend was filled with a little homework and some more quality friend/family time. Now we just have to get through this last week of classes, then I have two finals next week, and then I’m officially done with my first entire quarter! It seems like it has completely flown by!

Until next time,


Ohio State vs. Michigan: A Time-Honored Tradition

I am proud to say that I have never been a student at OSU to witness a defeat to “that team up north.” I was a little worried this year that tradition might come to an end, but this Thanksgiving weekend the Buckeyes did not fail to produce a big W. There is so much team spirit at the game before and after that is makes for quite an experience.

There are so many incredible traditions that come with this game, that an entire week is dedicated to following these traditions exactly as they have done for over 100 years. This week was the annual Mirror Lake Jump in which thousands of students descend upon teeny, tiny mirror lake to jump in the water for what is supposed to be a good-luck charm to defeating M*ch*g*n. The weather is always below or at freezing, which makes for quite the evening. People usually start jumping in at about 9pm and people jump probably until around 2am. There are police and ambulances all over in case of an emergency as well as those who just want to watch the mayhem and not participate by jumping in the lake. It is normally on the Thursday before the game, but since this year was Thanksgiving, the jump was scheduled for Tuesday before the game. Also a tradition is the many rivalries that occur between both schools through various student organizations. Fraternities have blood drives to try to beat other fraternities from M*ch*g*n in blood giving. Finally, OUAB (the student activities board) hosts a Beat M*ch*g*n crafts night, for students to prepare items for the game.

There are some things about this game, that as an OSU student, must be observed. As seen above (in the previous paragraph), the word M*ch*g*n should be spelled in writing with stars or referred to as “that team up north” instead of using their actual name. Also, stores that carry Big Ten items with all of the schools, are supposed to place the M*ch*g*n flag upside down.

This year there were a few new traditions that were added to the continuously growing list. One of my new favorite things I saw this year for Beat M*ch*g*n week, we the “Dump the Blue” campaign at some of the local bookstores. Students had the option to get rid of any blue clothing they had in exchange for a red rally towel to be used at the game on Saturday. Another of my other favorite things about this years game was the chant at the end of the game that was, “SEVEN STRAIGHT” alluding to the fact that OSU has beaten these opponents seven times in a row.

Here’s hoping it will be eight straight next year…. Go Bucks!

The first picture is from the OSU vs. UM 2006 #1 vs #2 “game of the century” after everyone rushed the field.

Tim and Rebecca

Another from 2006….Thank you to “Block O” for creating this gem…..

No to Michigan

Finally, we made it to AA deck!!! Picture from the 2010 game….

view from seats
OSU vs. UM 2010 view from our seats

The Thrill of Victory!

Mirror Lake jump… check.

Fisher Games Basketball Championship… check.

Fisher Games Volleyball Championship… check.

Fisher Games Dodgeball Championship… check.

The past 24 hours have been awesome! Last night our EOTW (Event of the Week) was the Mirror Lake jump. We all met beforehand at a nearby college hangout and walked over to the lake at 11pm. I wasn’t planning on jumping in, but after talking to everyone about it all week, I decided to take the plunge once again. It was just as amazing as I remembered it from last year. There were people in Halloween costumes, football jerseys, and even on surfboards.

In regards to the weather, It was incredibly warm for mid-November, somewhere in the 40s. Last year it was snowing, so we had to go straight back home after the plunge. This year, we hung out afterward and watched the festivities for a while. After jumping in several times, my friends James and Ashish swam with me to the center to stand on the fountain. Being out there in the middle with no one around us made us feel like the thousands of students at the outskirts of the lake were cheering and dancing and jumping and splashing for us. It was one of those moments that makes you happy to be alive.

After getting to bed at around 2am, I got a couple hours of sleep before I met my case competition group at 7:45am to film some scenes for an application video. We’re applying to be part of an incredibly prestigious case competition, and I’ll talk more about it here if we get selected. Wish us luck!

After filming for over two hours, I raced over to the RPAC for the start of the Fisher Winter Games. I’m always amazed at how athletic our graduate students are. In the MBA program alone we have a pro lacrosse player, an MLS and US Olympic soccer player, college baseball players, college football players, college basketball players, triathletes, marathon runners,  cricket players, an American Gladiator contestant, a yoga instructor and a nationally ranked tandem surfer. MBA students are pretty achievement oriented, so it makes sense that many of them have a history of excellence in both academics and athletics.

Coming back to the day’s events, I played four basketball games, three volleyball games and three dodgeball games, finishing on the championship winning team in all three events. I think standing on the fountain the night before must have given us some good luck as James was on our basketball team and Ashish was on our dodgeball team. The dodgeball matches were definitely the hardest competition of the day and our team put together an incredible team effort to win in the final game. Kudos to Jorge for making an amazing double catch, and totally changing the momentum of the match. You can see it again on tonight’s ESPN top 10 plays of the day.

All in all, the day was a huge success as students cheered for each other, ate together, shared stories and enjoyed some friendly athletic competition. We all played hard but at the end of every game it was always smiles, hugs or congratulations for the opposing team. Being well past my athletic prime though, my body is already feeling the effects of the day’s activities. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

Thank you to the Graduate Programs Office and the student volunteers who put countless hours of work into organizing the event. I hope everyone made some new friends today as we take one more step to bringing all Fisher programs together as “One Fisher.”

Mike ^_^

Fisher MBA Class of 2010 wins The Briefcase!

A Long Time Gone

Well, I haven’t posted in a few days. It’s just been one of those weeks. One where you thought you were busy before and then the busy door slams in your face and you realize you were wrong.

Friday I drove to Louisville for the North American International Livestock Exposition. I’ve been coaching a 4-H team for the past 3 months and this past Monday was the competition. It was a very long weekend, but they ended up placing 5th overall, 4th high individual overall, 2nd high team in Quality Assurance and high individual in Quality Assurance. I’m very proud of them and I’m sure they’re glad it’s over, too. A picture of my team is below:

My team at Lynn's Paradise
My team at Lynn's Paradise

Tuesday morning, I had to wake up very early to get my fiance to the GRE by 8:00am. That’s no easy feat considering I live off of Sawmill. But we made it and he did very well. His application for graduate school at OSU is complete!! We’ll finally be students together! That’s pretty exciting. 🙂

With all of that stuff going on, when Benjamin and I were on our way to my work, my car started making awful noises…and then my dad comes to look at it, and the power steering motor had died. So my dad and I switch cars and when he was taking it to the garage to get fixed, the power steering belt fell off. Luckily it was right as my dad pulled into the parking spot. If he had been on the highway, we would be replacing the engine, too. Then, this morning, I was on my way to work and a rock flew into my dad’s car (because mine’s still not fixed) and cracked the windshield. This is just not my week for automobiles.

BUT!!! There are a few positives about this week: 1) We didn’t have class last night! It was great to just relax, but that means we still don’t have our midterms back. 2) Tonight is Mirror Lake night. Everyone should go, even if you don’t jump in, go just to watch! It’s a sight to see. 3) Tomorrow I’m heading up to East Lansing to visit with my fiance then Saturday we’re going to Ann Arbor for the game. I’m STOKED! This is the best part of the football season! I’ll post pictures next week from my travels!

Don’t forget to give blood for the blood battle, and to save lives. You can save up to 3 lives with just one donation!

Let’s all go jump in a lake!

The Game is almost upon us.

In 2000, ESPN ranked Ohio State vs. Michigan as the greatest North American sports rivalry. Over the years, The Game has determined countless Big Ten Championships, dozens of Rose Bowl match ups and several national championship games. Last year, I had the pleasure of watching the Buckeyes serve up a 42-7 beatdown at Ohio Stadium. This year, they will be going for their sixth win in a row against that school up north.

The week leading up to the game (aka: “Beat Michigan Week”) is always full of exciting events, fundraisers, parties and long-time traditions. One of the most interesting traditions during Beat Michigan Week is the Mirror Lake Jump. Every year, on the Thursday before the Michigan game, thousands of students make the trek to jump into Mirror Lake, a small lake on campus. This is supposedly carried out for good luck for the football game on Saturday. You can Google or YouTube “Mirror Lake Jump” to get a better idea.

I jumped in last year and it was one of the craziest scenes I’ve ever been a part of. Everywhere the eye could see were Buckeyes marching to the lake singing Ohio State fight songs, and jumping in as if it were a hot summer day. This year the temperature looks like it’s going to be around 40 degrees, which is incredibly warm considering last year it was snowing.

We had a solid group of MBA students participate last year, but it got a little disorganized and everyone went at different times. I’m hoping we can organize ourselves a little better this year. Maybe one of the Operations/Supply Chain guys can figure out the most efficient workflow. For those of you jumping into Mirror Lake this Thursday, here are a couple of tips:

1. Bring a towel and a change of clothes. Layer, layer, layer.
2. Go in a large group and have designated people to hold everyone’s stuff.
3. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee.
4. The lake is very shallow. Do not dive in headfirst.
5. Wear flip-flops, old sneakers or water shoes when you jump in. The lake isn’t exactly the cleanest body of water in Ohio.
6. Even if you’re not jumping in, I would leave your cellphone and camera home. Just in case that peer pressure kicks in and you find yourself in a lake with dozens of your friends.
7. If you’re on the fence, just do it! It’s a time honored tradition at Ohio State and something that you can proudly tell your kids when they become Buckeyes too. Remember, you’re only in college twice.

Mike ^_^