Collaborative Learning

This year I have a new approach to class work and managing time. Instead of signing up for group projects which are due the last 2 weeks of class, I signed up for one which is due on Wednesday and throughout the quarter. My theory in all of this is that if I spread out the work, I will be able to more fully dedicate my time and energy to each project and my exams as they come up instead of splitting all of my brain power amongst 10 different things at the end of the quarter. We’ll see how it turns out, but so far, I am up to date on all of my readings, I am prepared up through the end of this week, and it feels good.

The group project due on Wednesday is for my MHR 869 – Strategic Management of Human Assets course. Our project is a case study about Jet Blue Airlines and talking about what their core competencies and strategy are, and also what advice we would give to them in order for them to have a sustainable competitive advantage through the years. My group is comprised of 3 MLHR students and 1 MBA student whom I admire for being willing to deal with 3 people outside of his program. Kudos to you Ross Ferrise!

Last night, we met to discuss our project and through it, the four of us worked really well together. Not only did we work through our task, but I think the 4 of us each learned something from the program, and through the collaboration of 2 programs’ (MLHR and MBA) worth of information, I really feel as though we have prepared a thorough project that takes into account many perspectives. I learned all about Strategy Canvases. I know we learned about it briefly in Dr. Bendapudi’s Intro to Business course last year, but I don’t remember them too well.  I think it’s an effective and quick way of getting your point across without using a lot of words. The “psychology” side of my brain is kicking in and thinking about the different learning styles of people and using a strategy map is a good way to make your point to those visual learners of the world.

The MHR 869 course has thus far been very beneficial to me because the mix of the MBA and MLHR students in the class has made for some really interesting discussions. I always feel it’s good to learn from other people with different perspectives and backgrounds than you. So in that aspect, I appreciate the course for more than just the content offered.

On a side note, I have been getting to know a few of the new MLHR students. They seem pretty cool, from what I’ve seen. I think both the first years and the second years are very eager to form new relationships. It should be a great year!

I’m Not Ready For This

Well, at least that’s what my MHR 869 (Strategic Management of Human Assets) professor Dr. Steffanie Wilk said. I have to admit I’m not really ready for classes to start again either. As Professor Wilk said, and I agree, she would be more ready if it were raining or colder, but it’s not. It still feels like summer and part of me wishes it still were. Although, this is my last Autumn Quarter ever. I have been going to school consistently for 18 years, and I’m ready for a break.

A word of advice to the new class of MLHR students (and all students for that matter): plan your commute time out so that there’s extra. I know that it may have taken you only 10 minutes to drive to campus when you were on a tour, but now that everyone is back, things get a little bit crazy. Allow extra time to find a parking spot. For business students, I have found that often there are always spots in the parking lot north of St. John Arena. This lot is the closest large lot to the Fisher complex. Most of the time, there are spots in the east half of the parking lot (closest to Fisher) but there are always spots in the west half. For those of you, who like me, are taking night classes, keep in mind that after 4pm, if you have a “C” tag, you can park in any spot (non-handicapped of course) but any “A” or “B” spot is yours for the taking. There is a parking lot on nestled between Curl Drive and Lane Avenue that is for “A” and “B” passes only, but when I get to campus at 5:00 for my 6:00 class, most of the spots are open. Again, other people know this parking lot and park there, so get there early, but it’s always a fair bet it has at least one open spot.

Also, be sure to watch where you’re walking, especially when crossing the street. A lot of times cars don’t necessarily see you when they’re driving through campus. And when you’re driving, make sure to watch out for pedestrians, especially during the times in between classes – 18 minutes after and 30 minutes after (ex 9:18 and 9:30). This is when roads, especially Woodruff, are clogged with students walking to class, and often times you’re stuck waiting for a few minutes before you can keep driving.

Earlier today I had my first class (MHR 869) and it went pretty well. Tonight I have MHR 862 (Seminar in HR Management). It’ll be good to see everyone again and get things underway. I’ll keep you updated on it all though. Here’s to hoping the quarter shapes out to being great!

Unexpected Surprises

I logged into Facebook this morning, just like any other morning. And as I was perusing through my typical “stalker” routine, I noticed that the Fisher MLHR page had a link advertising the MLHR students’ blogs! After my initial excitement that we were being publicized, I clicked on the link and noticed my latest blog was the first to pop up. And not only that, but I had TWO comments! That’s pretty exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had comments before, but most of the time, it’s only one comment per blog, and typically happens about a month after I write. These comments were within 27 hours of my blog being posted. That’s pretty awesome. A shoutout to Urmi and Amelia for writing such wonderful notes.

Last night marked the completion of our Compensation course. Thank goodness. I’m pretty sure if I had put one more hour into my studying I could have done better, but I’ve done really well in all of my projects and exams in that class so far, so I could stand to have a few points deducted. At least my slacking wasn’t due to doing unimportant stuff. Working two jobs, packing for the big move and finishing everything for the wedding is taking a toll on my time allotment. But the countdown continues to the end of my first year in graduate school. All that I have left are 1 class, 2 papers due (one is done, minus final edits, the other is 3/4 of the way done) and one final. I still have to email some poor professor and sucker them into being my internship advisor. I may wait for that requirement for Winter quarter because my boss at GE said that it will probably carry through into the fall. And, I already have enough courses on my plate for the fall.

So, straw vote. With my internship and graduate assistantship, there’s no way I can take both electives I’ve signed up for. I already have one of my elective credits, so I only need one more in the fall. I need help deciding which one to drop.

The first, MHR 869: Strategic Management of Human Assets.

  • Description – Acquaint students with theory and research regarding teamwork and leadership, and apply concepts to enhance understanding/build skills in team leadership, membership, change and follower-ship.
  • Positives – really goes along with what I want to do later in life (convince people the company really does care about them, train and develop them, and hire the right people for the job); the professor is apparently really awesome; I had to beg and plead my way into the class; no exams, just papers and projects; It’s on the same days as my 2 night classes, so I would only have to drive into campus twice a week.
  • Negatives – Well, it’s two days a week, in the early middle of the day, so I wouldn’t be able to work as much, or my work at MSE would be really choppy.

The second, MHR 870: The Business of College Sports.

  • Description – Course provides business analysis of intercollegiate athletics, including an in depth look at OSU athletic program; develop understanding or college sports administration, educational, business missions.
  • Positives – It’s with Gene Smith! The OSU Athletics Director!; It’s at 8:00 in the morning, so I could work all day, without interruption; no exams, just a paper or two and a project; all of the people who have taken it say it’s a lot of fun, really relaxed and you learn a lot; Jaimie’s in the class; Gene Smith teaches it!
  • Negatives – It’s at 8:00 in the morning and I live 20 minutes away; It’s on opposite days as my night classes; It doesn’t really have that much to do with what I want to do in life.

So…do I take the class that’s bound to be more fun, and I’ll learn a lot of unrelated knowledge from? Or do I take the class which is probably more applicable to my future, but will be a lot more work in an already shaping out to be very busy quarter? Help!

Happy Thursday to you all, and for all of the business students, Happy Weekend, because we don’t have classes on Fridays! Good luck studying for finals!