Jessica Reynolds, MBA


This past weekend was such a mix of emotions, family, friends, graduation celebrations — and lots of food and good times. Maybe a little bit too much food and good times, but hey, it was graduation!

Reynolds  family at graduation!
Reynolds family at graduation!

On Saturday, May 3rd, the Fisher College of Business held its “hooding ceremony” for all graduates. It was a great ceremony, and perfect for family, friends and loved ones to attend. The hooding ceremony (or pre-commencement) occurred at Mershon Auditorium, and is the first step of graduation weekend. All Fisher master students are encouraged to attend the intimate ceremony, and it’s a great opportunity for pictures. What can I say? I am a sucker for capturing all of the great memories. ūüôā

As an undergraduate of OSU, I attended the big graduation in The ‘Shoe. Because the school was still on quarters, I graduated in the month of June. Personally, I thought it was HOT and LONG. However, it is a cool experience for those that have never attended – and now graduation is in May, so it is significantly cooler. If you chose not to attend the OSU graduation on Sunday, you can pick up your diploma the following week.

jr and kn - hugging - complressed
One of my best MBA buddies – Kelly!

For the Fisher pre-commencement/hooding ceremony, a few speeches were given, and then graduates for each program were called by name. You walk across the stage and a professor puts the Masters’ hood around you neck. Lucky for business students, it’s the beautiful color of drab (we all know it wasn’t a marketer that came up with THAT name!). At the end they play a slideshow (only part where I got slightly choked-up), and a brief reception is held after. It was a great time, and I was very happy that my parents and best friend were able to attend.

Me and the beautiful Melissa!
Me and the beautiful Melissa!

So, I am closing the MBA chapter of my life, and starting my journey as a young professional. I will begin my career at Alliance Data in a few months, and can’t wait to see what happens next. Entering this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made – and the laughs, tears, struggles and TONS of learning were absolutely worth it. I know that I am going to miss my business school friends that are moving across the country like crazy, but am so proud of my entire class and all our accomplishments. And, this means I have lots of people to visit!

I have made best friend, found mentors and created relationships that will last forever. None of this would have been possible without the support of my family, friends, everyone in the GPO and the Office of Career Management — and for that, I am extremely grateful.

Still feels a little weird to consider myself a Master of Business – but hey, that’s what my degree says. ūüôā

Three terms left…


  • Negotiation final – finished
  • Org. turnaround final paper – finished
  • Services Marketing final paper – finished
  • Corp. Finance 1 final brief – ….stay tuned

I cannot believe that as I am writing this, I am quickly wrapping up the first term of my final year of the MBA program. It’s unreal.

In the past two years I have studied and taken the GMAT, filled out applications for business school, interviewed, received admission letters, gone through pre-term, made it through my CORE classes (looking directly at you stats class!), interviewed for internships, accepted a wonderful internship and learned so much and am now making my way through year 2.

Also, add in a few happy hours, some tears, lots of laughs, some stress for good measure, and a bunch of people that I now consider my close friends.

These past couple years have been incredible and pretty challenging. When people ask me about my program my favorite phrase is, “it’s an adventure”. This has been a very humbling experience, and I still have so much more to learn. I am meeting great people in the Office of Career Management (direct shout-out to Jeff!), the GPO and in the classroom. My professors are becoming mentors and my classmates are becoming those that want me to become a better, smarter business woman.

Only three terms left?! Where has the time gone?

More about me…

Another week of exams – CONQUERED! Now on to…the last week of classes? Well, kinda. Some of our classes are seven weeks and this week marks the last week of our first seven-week term. My classmates and I will be trading statistics, economics and marketing for finance, organizations and operations (accounting spans across the 14 weeks).

I can’t believe we are almost into our finals week! But, that’s a post for another day. Since this week seems to be pretty mild and relaxed, I wanted to take a few moments and tell you a little bit more about me!

My name is Jessica Reynolds, but all my friends call me Jess. I am 23 years old and I am a MBA Candidate of 2014 (don’t you love that title?! I always feel so incredibly fancy when I see that on my business cards!). I graduated from OSU in 2011 and couldn’t love being a buckeye more. Coming from the Cincinnati area, I am full of Ohio pride!

After graduating from Ohio State I traveled down to Orlando, Florida to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program. I was in Florida for about nine months and worked in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Toy Story Midway Mania! and Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show! So, it goes without being said, I am a huge ¬†Disney fan and if you need any help planning a Disney vacation, I’m your girl ūüôā

Boyfriend and I at the castle! So magical ūüôā

Working at Disney was¬†an¬†amazing adventure and I would¬†recommend¬†the college program to everyone. I learned so¬†much¬†about myself, the true meaning of¬†hard-work¬†and how to truly live a brand. But, my heart is in Ohio and I returned from this incredible adventure at the end of February, 2012. I worked in the Arena District and started to focus on grad school applications. After a few interviews, tons of GMAT practice and some great guidance from Fisher’s Admission Team – here I am! Talk about a whirlwind, but what’s life without excitement and adventures?

That’s one of the best things about going to school at FCOB ¬†– everyone here has a unique story. People come from across the state, across the country and across the world to attend Fisher. We have a variety of work backgrounds and new perspectives on everything. I love chatting with classmates and hearing more about their hometowns, backgrounds and different holidays/religions. No matter what, I learn something every day, both inside and outside the classroom.

Talk to you guys again soon!




A high note weekend

The energy of the mind is the essence of life. 

And there was a lot of positive energy there, waiting to be felt by those¬†who could sense the vibes of great winners in life…¬†¬†

Yes, as you had guessed, am talking about the NAWMBA Conference 2010 held at Louisville, Kentucky on Oct 1 and 2.  I am not the first one to report this in my blog and I am certain that I won’t be the last one either.  No woman blogger of Fisher can resist the urge to write about this truly inspiring conference. (In fact, there was one gentleman from our class who had attended this conference, in spite of being the only man in a sea of women MBAs). Such was the magnetic pull of the highly successful leaders who graced the occasion.

 Awesome women leaders, thought provoking speeches, business opportunities and of course, loads of fun defined the conference.

Some feed for thought from various speakers at the conference

— Know what you want, map the values that you hold dear, ingrain those values in your actions and always always keep looking ahead

— An obstacle¬†is only as much strong as you want it to be.¬†Do not be bogged down by road blocks. Instead, know that you have the ultimate power to realize your dreams no matter how big they may seem to you at the beginning

— Leadership is ‘inclusive’, in growing together.¬†That is the true form of leadership that one should aspire for and the one that would last

And finally, the words of Lynn Tilton, who once saved¬† 250,000 jobs ¬†—¬†“it’s women who really run the world. We are natural creators, we give birth to children. Too often we are what men expect us to be & the further away from success we get. We need to create leadership that inspires…we need to rise up as one people.”

Those, I guess, were the main goals of this conference Рto make women realize their potential; to help them break away from the conventional descriptions that try to mask their strength;  to help them be inspired towards greater success.

I am sure that many women like me would¬†have taken a leaf out of these great personalities’ books, to be used as a guiding light in their lives, both professional and personal.

For one day, our lives will flash before our eyes. Let’s make sure that it would be worth watching, by giving our best every¬†waking moment…