The Job Hunt Begins: New York City

It all started back in December when I took a trip with Dan Oglevee and several other Fisher students, both graduate and undergraduate, to New York City. On that trip, we visited J.P. Morgan, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and several others. We heard from several investment bankers about their jobs, life on the street and about their journey. Unlike many others on the trip, I was looking more into equity research than investment banking. Even with meeting only 1 researcher, I learned 3 things:

  1. Networking in person is key
  2. Mock interview with an alum exposed me to how much I know and don’t know
  3. I no longer want to do research on the street, I need to do it

With this I have now narrowed my focus and increased my drive. Since coming back, I have done several phone calls with sell side analysts and networking with people here in Columbus in the buy side to give me greater exposure and knowledge of what I’m striving to achieve. The next step is to book my flight to New York and network in person in February.

Interview Season is Upon Us

First year, second year, you name it, you’re probably getting your suit out of the closet on an ever-increasing frequency this month!

It’s interview season again! Others have said that this is one of the most active recruiting years in recent history, and I would have to agree (which is excellent news for graduating students).

A big thank you to the Career Management Office for putting on another wonderful Fisher Fall Career Fair this past week. There were many excellent companies hiring for a wide variety of positions. I hope everyone got the chance to head to the Fair to talk to at least a few of their target companies.

It’s hard to believe the “end” is near for the second-years. Some of my classmates have already accepted some great offers for full-time employment after graduation – I bet it’s quite a load off, so to speak.

Personally, I have a number of local and national companies I’m interested in – I’m putting out my resume and cover letter through Fisher, through Monster, as well as other avenues, and I recommend other students to do the same!

I think the most important thing is to figure out what types of industries you would like to work for. Then, try checking out LinkedIn – chances are someone in your network either works there or knows someone who does. Leverage your relationships! And always, always, schedule a site visit – you need to be sure the actual company culture matches what you were told in an interview. You also need to be sure you would enjoy living in the area that the company is in!

Well, look for a more varied blog post next weekend – the main thing on my mind lately has been the job search, so I apologize for the uni-dimensional post!