So you might be asking yourself, who is this character?

Well, let me tell you!

You can call me Stacey, Stace, “hey you”, or that crazy car lady – they all will probably get a response 🙂

Where I’m from: I grew up in Southeast Michigan (pause for boo-ing).

What I did in school: I went to Michigan State University for a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, and then stuck around an extra year to get an M.S. in Manufacturing & Engineering Management. I graduated in 2007, and moved to Columbus for a job with Owens Corning.

Where I’ve worked:

  • Pizza Hut – server
  • Mama Mia’s – server
  • Mrs. Fields Cookies – cashier/counter service
  • The Limited – retail associate
  • Oakland Community College – math tutor
  • Architectural Painting, Inc – painter of multi-million dollar homes, businesses and warehouses
  • Michigan State University – undergrad researcher in the chemical engineering and materials science engineering departments
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – undergrad researcher in the chemical engineering department
  • Prime Housing Group – maintenance (drywall repair, carpet removal, painting, etc)
  • Owens Corning – manufacturing engineer, furnace engineer

“Fun” facts:

  • I LOVE cars… especially mine. If it has a V8 or three pedals, chances are I want to drive it.
My project car, the '87 Lincoln Towncar
My project car, the ’87 Lincoln Towncar
Ah yes, the new motor. What a beautiful sight.
Ah yes, the new motor. What a beautiful sight.
  • I have guinea pigs – four of them! They are my own version of Animal Planet.
    The oldest guinea pig, he's almost 6.
    The oldest guinea pig, he's almost 6.
    The second oldest, named for a materials scientist.
    The second oldest, named for a materials scientist.
    The second youngest, also known as "the spaz"
    The second youngest, also known as "the spaz"

    The youngest pig, a little bit of a devil.
    The youngest pig, a little bit of a devil.
  • I have a weakness for frozen, caffeinated beverages.
  • My favorite times of year are when the leaves change color, and when there’s a fresh coat of ice on the trees – so beautiful.

My goals for this blog:

  • To give you all a perspective of an “outsider” and an “insider”. I’ve lived and worked in four different states, so I have some ability to make realistic comparisons.
  • To provide some comedic relief! I am a firm believer in the “you must enjoy what you’re doing” philosophy!
  • To get prospective students excited about the opportunities that Fisher, and the OSU community as a whole, can offer them.


If only I could be in two (or more) places at once!

While at the Fisher Student Organizations Fair this Monday, I concluded that there are enough student activities that I could literally spend 24/7/365 doing things related to Fisher!

I am definitely interested in several of the organizations, especially the Fisher Board Fellows, which places about 16 MBA candidates on boards of local non-profit organizations. What a wonderful way to give back to the community while growing your business skills! I’m also considering the Center for Operational Excellence, because of all the interesting work involving Six Sigma and Lean. While interviewing, I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Ward, the director of the Center, and was really intrigued by all the projects being pursued. I noticed the sign-up sheets for most of the organizations were getting pretty full, so it seems like the class of 2011 is definitely ready to get involved!

I’m looking forward to the Fisher experience over the next 21 months – not just the coursework, but the chance to really explore new ventures and meet motivated, engaged students and faculty.

Have a great first week of classes!


Why I Decided To Attend The Max M. Fisher College of Business

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People often ask me why I decided to go to the Fisher College of Business, This is my response:

When I started researching schools to pursue my MBA, I designed a set of question cards to ask representatives of programs that I was investigating. I met with Kara Albert from the Fisher College of Business’s Career Services Office in October of last year who was happy to provide me with plenty of information about Fisher, OSU and Columbus in general. When it came time apply to schools, I read back over these cards and other promotional material and decided that Fisher stood out from all the other programs that I was looking at.  Later when I came to interview and visited the campus, the positive attributes that I had scribbled on the cards were reinforced by every experience with Fisher that I had after my first meeting. Below you can find scans of the 10 cards from that first meeting and see what attributes of Fisher I found very compelling.

The soundtrack to my life contains…

In my undergrad days my mind would invariably play “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen as a tribute to every classmate who announced an upcoming departure from the architecture program, or simply stopped showing up for class. It seemed sad at first, but then I too became a “drop-out” (though I did actually graduate with a BSArch), and now I’m feeling pretty good about my decision.

My path to where I am today isn’t exactly something I’d describe as straight and simple: I was born in the Republic of Moldova back when it had a slightly different name and was still part of the USSR, moved to the suburbs of Pittsburgh when I was eleven, moved again to study architecture at the University of Cincinnati, got married, interned at two local architecture firms while working on my degree, took a year off after graduation, reassessed my situation, and, finally, dragged my husband with me to Columbus after I found out about my acceptance to Fisher.

Since the move I have been busy preparing for the first day of classes. I participated in the six-week Pre-MAcc program to complete some pre-requisite work which would have taken much more time and money to fulfill through quarter-long courses at UC. I also finally learned how to ride a bicycle, because the Olentangy River Trail runs right past my apartment, and provides a very fun and convenient way for getting to campus (it’s going to be even more fun once my knee heals, and the memories of washing skid marks off my teeth and picking gravel from under my skin go away). Tomorrow I’ll be attending the MAcc Bootcamp event, and the day after that school is finally back in session. Yay?!

Welcome from Graduate Programs Office!

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