Return of the MAcc

One of the most fun parts of the MAcc program so far has been meeting everyone.  I know I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but its so cool to be in class with such different people.  It really adds a lot to our group projects (which there are a lot of!) and makes every discussion fun.

I don’t want to make it sound like you only get to know people in class though.  There are always events going on, whether they are sponsored by Fisher or created by other students.  For example, last weekend one student in the MAcc program hosted a Harvest Festival, which just gave all the MAcc students a chance to relax and talk outside of the classroom.


One of the other incredibly fun things we’ve done is intramural sports.  We’ve got an intramural volleyball team – “SMAccdown” and a flag football team – “Return of the MAcc”.  I play on the flag football team, and am proud to say that so far we boast a 2-1 record.  Not bad for a bunch of accountants!

We really do have a lot of fun together, and we’re also building a great network for the future.  The relationships and friendships we’re making today will last beyond our year in the MAcc program, both personally and professionally.  You never know when you’ll need a great peer reference, and it’s got to be fun to come back to OSU to watch a football game with your friends from grad school!

Flag Football

I’m officially old. Intramural sports at Ohio State have always been my forte, until I realized, I’m old.

The business school students are playing in three different intramural football leagues this year: Competitive, Coed, and Casual.  With reading assignments piling up on me, applications due, boot camps, networking events, group meetings, and the search for a summer internship, I decided the Casual League was a better fit for my tight schedule.  I thought, “Intramural football- casual league, no problem!” I must have forgotten I am not a 19 year-old college kid with nothing to do but hit the gym.

Thursday was our first game of the season and our competition was just that, 19 year-old college kids who obviously had time to practice, run plays, and probably even watched footage from last year’s intramural games.  The game started out just like the Ohio State-Wisconsin game.  The other team scored quickly on their first drive, got an interception on our next drive, and it was all downhill from there.

We came out strong in the beginning of the second half and scored on our first drive, but our competition was just too young, too fast, and possibly too talented for us to handle.  We were down 20-some points as we approached the end of the game, grounds for a mercy.  Luckily, we were able to convince the other team to let us walk in the end-zone from 15 yards out so we could keep the game going and they could get the ball one more time.  This sounded like a great idea until their last drive resulted a 60-yard touchdown and two of our players getting injured.

We ended the game in good spirits, ready to get out there again next week to show the next set of young guns what we’re made of.  Hopefully, a few more people will come out though, having two subs is tough when six old men are trying to sub-out every other play.


During the sixteenth century, a French apothecary named Nostradamus scripted cataclysmic predictions for planet Earth such as: the Balkan Wars, World War III, and the release of the iPhone.  Unfortunately, Nostradamus’ vague quatrains require intense hindsight and lack the ability to predict the future.  As a result, Nostradamus’ literature can be found in the Fiction aisle of the public library.

Nostradamus’ work is a stark contrast to the blog entries of Fahradamus: a strapping, young, Fisher MBA student.  In recent blog posts, Fahradamus accurately predicted a curse on the MBA basketball team.  The day after the entry was posted; I took an elbow to the cheek while playing basketball which resulted in a humiliating black eye.  Perhaps you are thinking that one accurate prediction is just luck.  If this is the case, keep reading.

Last week, Fahradamus posted a blog that stated he was planning to play softball for the Fisher MBA intramural team.  In this entry he stated, “Although softball might seem relatively safe, I am quite sure that one of my classmates (probably me) will either get a black-eye or sustain some other serious injury while attempting to relive our glory days.”  What happened next is probably obvious… In my very first softball game, I sustained a black-eye and required eight stitches above my eyebrow to stop the bleeding after I collided with a guy on the base path.  Go figure.

Going forward, Fahradamus will only predict straight-A’s, high paying job offers, and success in safe recreational sports such as golf.

Uncle Joe

I’m now able to add an important title to my name …  Uncle.   My sister and her husband had their first child on Wednesday night.  Her name is Grace Jacqueline Ravasio.  She’s amazing (from the pictures I’ve seen) and I am trying to work ahead on projects so that I have some time to return to Cincinnati and meet her.  Unfortunately, the third quarter is in full gear and this will probably be the busiest quarter of my MBA studies.   This Tuesday I have a finance quiz on stock options.  Studying for the quiz was a nice break from all the case studies I’ve been reading, but it somehow consumed my entire weekend.

On a different note, some of you might recall that I was a member of the FCOB intramural basketball team.  After receiving a black-eye from an errant elbow (thanks again, John), I determined that I was too old to continue playing competitive sports.  After a short hiatus from intramurals, the spring weather has coaxed me to return to the world of competitive sports and play on the FCOB softball team.  Although softball might seem relatively safe, I am quite sure that one of my classmates (probably me) will either get a black-eye or sustain some other serious injury while attempting to relive our glory days.  It should be fun.