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Getting Involved – With Precision

It’s no secret, I love to join clubs and organizations. You can ask people in my program! If possible, I would join every single club at Fisher. However, that isn’t always the best idea…it’s better to join organizations that align with your passions, interests and future career goals (I know, sounds kind of corny – but it’s true!)

Personally, I am the VP of Marketing for FisherServes, Treasurer for Innovation Fisher and on the Steering Committee for Fisher Follies. I am also a member of AMP (Association of Marketing Professionals).


Just for your reference:

  • FisherServes – An organization that focuses on philanthropy and community service. We connect FCOB students to volunteer activities in Columbus and we host events that raise money for the surrounding community. Tomorrow is our volleyball tournament – stay tuned for that post!!
  • Innovation Fisher- Is a group that focuses on innovation throughout all aspects of the business world. We offer workshops, engagement activities, tours/events and ways to truly see innovation in practice.

    IF homepage – click the icon to learn more!

  • Fisher Follies- A student group that fosters community at Fisher through creativity (and humor). The two major events are an auction and variety show

    The FisherFollies Exec Team getting ready for the 2013 Variety Show

  • AMP – The marketing group of FCOB. This group helps prepare students for marketing careers with support, knowledge and networking.




See? Told you that I like to be involved. But, hey, it adds excitement and things to do to my already busy school schedule.

Each of these clubs has a special place in my heart. I have met incredible people through these organizations and had an absolute blast. With AMP I traveled to Chicago last year for the marketing hop and am constantly getting to network with fantastic marketing professors and professionals. IF uncovered my passion for innovation and led to my internship at Alliance Data as their Innovation Intern. FisherServes allows me to really stretch my marketing and event planning skills, with lots of fundraising experience as well. FisherFollies introduced me to a great group and really shown me how a small, but mighty, group can impact the Fisher community.

HOWEVER – these are just the groups that I decided to join. Everyone’s story is a little bit different. My friend is a part of the Fisher Graduate Women in Business and putting on workshops that address issues women face in the business world. Another good friend of mine is part of the Fisher Networking Club and plans all of the events/happy hours/socials that make Fisher a family.

We also have a Consulting Club, a Veterans Association, a  Chinese Business Professional Association, a Sports Business Association and so, so many more.

Students are able to attend workshops and events of other organizations, so it’s a great way to learn more about topics outside your focus. For example, I have a one-hour Six Sigma workshop next week and lunch with a C-level Executive next month, and about ten other events in-between. Not too shabby :)

Bottom line – join the clubs that are going to be fun. Doesn’t matter if it’s not your major or your focus, join clubs that you think will interest you.

You won’t be bored here at Fisher!

Innovation and Heinz Ketchup

I personally love when shortly after a topic is discussed in class, real life situations that pertain to the details of the lecture occur. Maybe it doesn’t happen with Statistics or Accounting, but with Operations Management, it seems to happen with almost certainty. You see, the lecture was on innovation, more specifically, exactly what defines innovation and the different types of innovation (incremental versus radical). We also learned about strategies for new product development. We discussed how 3M had to create a market for Post-it® notes, because no one at the time cared to have a piece of paper that you could pull off a stack and stick to something, remove it, and stick it somewhere else.

Back to the incremental versus radical discussion. The difference is that with incremental, there is already something in place, you are just making small adjustments to it (think iPhone and iPhone 3g and 3gS). Then there is radical- you are completely redesigning what you have currently. This is where it gets saucy. You know you do it, every time you use something, you think- how can this be improved? Okay, so maybe you don’t do it every time, but there are just certain things that make you wonder why someone has yet to come up with a better way of doing it. For me, ketchup packets are on the top of that list.

I should start by saying that I love ketchup. You know the saying “Would you like some fries with your ketchup?”, well, that is me. So, it’s no wonder that in all of my years of fast food eating and attempting to use ketchup packets in the car, I really love what they are doing at Heinz. Heinz has even created a facebook page! Take a look:

Heinz North AmericaHeinz KetchupHeinz Ketchup
Heinz North America

I am very excited for this ketchup packet innovation and I would even pay for it. I would say an additional 5-10 cents per packet after the first would be okay with me. (Did you know that some McDonald’s stores will charge you 10 cents for each additional BBQ sauce containers?)

Screen shot 2010-02-05 at 8.02.41 AM

Anyway, the moral of the story is there is always room for innovation. You think something is as good as it can get, and then it improves. After years of frustration with packets of ketchup, I’m glad Heinz finally realized it.

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