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Last week, all the work and lack of sleep finally took their toll on me. After more than a year in the United States, I got sick for the first time. It was a good run, which unfortunately had to end. Note to self: A flu shot is not an end-all for all diseases. You could get a cold - and that was exactly what I got. Being sick is just a hassle - piling up my to-do list even higher because I need to get better. I had to spend the entire Thursday in bed to try to get at least a little better. I think I got sick because of lack of sleep.
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With all of the reading for class, stress of getting an internship, and just getting involved at Fisher I have noticed that a lot of my peers seem like they are really starting to freak out about it all. Especially the students like myself who are attempting to balance working full-time with a full load of courses. I wanted to just share a couple of ways that I've learned to relax and relieve some of the stress.