Duties of a Graduate Assistant: Part Deux

I think that means ‘Part Two’…

ANYWAYS – let me write about what you’re actually here to read about…some more duties of a graduate assistant at the Fisher College of Business!  The last post discussing GA duties focused on assisting with instruction in the introductory undergraduate accounting courses.  Today, you’ll learn more about working in the Recruiting and Admissions Office!

I have never worked in the Recruiting and Admissions Office, so I asked Bambee Dela Paz to share some insight.  Bambee is a fellow MAcc student, and I’ve seen her giving some great tours to prospective students throughout the year (Bambee talks about this more in her response!).  So – read on to see what to expect if you’re placed in the Recruiting and Admissions Office!

Bambee says:

1. We coordinate and facilitate campus visit for prospective MAcc students. In essence, we show what the Fisher MAcc program has to offer to these prospects by showing them our wonderful facilities, having them meet our outstanding professors, getting to know them and giving them an avenue to ask any questions that could possibly help in their decision making.

2. We conduct interviews for selected applicants over the phone and in person. These are 30 minute interviews where we ask the students a series of questions that help us try to gauge how well they “fit” into the Fisher MAcc program, if admitted, and if an international applicant, how fluent the applicants are in English, as well as their conversational skills.

3. We answer inquiries of any prospective MAcc student or anyone who is interested in the program through phone calls and emails.

Our job is a very “people person” job. On a day-to-day basis we have to meet and talk to people who are interested in our program and cater to their needs to show them that Fisher is a wonderful place. Our job on visits is really to give our prospects “first person” perspectives of the program, which is not very hard to do. All we really need to do is answer their questions honestly and the program sells itself! We have to adapt to different personalities and engage different kinds of people in conversation. We are hospitable and make their visits memorable so they choose Fisher once they see that it is a good fit for them. We talk to and meet so many new people who have interesting backgrounds and try to help them in making decisions that would have a clear impact in their lives/careers. I also work for the coolest guy on earth (a.k.a. Rob Chabot), and the chillest office ever (Graduate Programs Office). And of course, the occasional free/working lunch at the Blackwell is not a bad deal, either.

Bambee makes it sound so easy, which I am sure it is not.  However, I’m also sure that this is a highly rewarding position that provides great opportunities to further connect with faculty and prospective students and learn a ton more about Fisher.  Communicating with all the applicants is also a great way to develop your people skills, as Bambee mentioned, and this is certainly hugely beneficial in the “real world”.

P.S. – The free/working lunch comes into play when giving a prospective student a tour.  Each tour consists of a GA from Admissions, the prospective student, and a current MAcc student.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of these tours as a current MAcc student, and I can say that Bambee is not lying when she says the lunch is not a bad deal!