Places in Columbus You Must Visit — The Book Loft of German Village

Books hold a special place in my heart.  Wait – let me clarify, books that are not textbooks hold a special place in my heart.

We talked the other day in one of my classes about the e-reader trend, and I so hope it never totally catches on.  I love being able to hold a book and turn a page.  I love the way the paper smells.  Perhaps most of all, I love going to bookstores and getting lost for an hour or two (or three or four), just seeing what all is out there that I could be reading.  This post then, is dedicated to the greatest bookstore in Columbus, and quite possibly all of Ohio/the Midwest:  The Book Loft.

Are your eyes watering yet? No? Better keep reading then...

The Book Loft is located in German Village on South 3rd Street, just a few minutes drive from campus. Right next door, you can grab a cup of coffee from Cup o Joe, which only enhances your book browsing experience…seriously, trust me on this and try it.  If Starbucks is your preferred brewer there’s one of those across the street too.

Inside the Book Loft, you find yourself swimming in 32 rooms full of books.  32 rooms.  32.  Whoa.

A peek into the many rooms of the Book Loft

Each of the 32 rooms has a different theme, ranging from Cookbooks to Youth Fiction to Nutrition to Business/Economics to – well…you get the idea.  And the selection of books within each room is incredible.  I’ve always found the book I’m looking for, and then some.

As you can imagine, 32 rooms can be difficult to process.  If you notice in the picture above, each room and hallway has a map in it that tells you exactly what is in each room and how to get to that room.  The map is hanging directly to the right of the “Bargain Fiction” sign.  Additionally, there is always helpful staff that are waiting to guide you where you need to go.  I swear they have computers in their heads…not only do they know the store layout, but they know where every book is.  It’s incredible!

Finally, all of the books are sold at for at least a small discount.  Typically you’ll find them for 5% off the publisher’s price, but every time I go there are different books that are selling for a steal.  Take for instance what I saw on Saturday – Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw in hardcover for only $6.99.  Retail on that bad boy is roughly $19.99, I think.  So yeah, you’re going to get some good deals.

Well, if you love books (or even like them a little bit), what are you waiting for?

Get to the Book Loft!

This is me - I was very sad to learn how little my car is worth. At least I was at the Book Loft!