Work hard, Play hard

If  you haven’t had a friend telling you what everyday is like at the Fisher College of Business, you might think that life at a top-ranking business school is boring. I have to admit that students do work hard on their coursework, but they also play hard. One might see them working diligently on a group project in the Gerlach Hall student lounge or cramming for a test in quiet study room. However, when it comes to Friday, Fisher students are different. They put on their jeans and shirts and enjoy their lives by hanging out at local taverns and restaurants. Last Friday, Fisher held a Halloween party at Callahan’s in the Arena District. All students in all of the graduate business programs were invited. Let me take you there, too.

At first, you should dress up. You might want to be a princess, a doctor or a policeman/woman. For me, I was a Big Four partner that night. Sounds creative? Actually not. I couldn’t find the “perfect” costume beforehand, so I put on my interview suit and pretended to be a partner from one of the Big Four accounting firms. When we got there, many people had already arrived. I was mesmerized to see how people dressed up in their costumes – doctors, maids, Super Mario, and princesses, just to name a few. I couldn’t believe that they were my fellow business school classmates. How “well-behaved” and hard-working they were at school, and all of a sudden, they were partying like excitable kids. I could not resist the atmosphere, and jumped right into the fun. I could not remember when I left the bar. I can only tell from the photos that I had loads of fun with friends.

Fun doesn’t just end with the Halloween party. MAcc students have a social outing every Friday night, normally a dinner together followed by a couple of drinks at a local establishment. What a wonderful mix of life at Fisher! Study hard from Mondays to Thursdays, play hard on Fridays, watching OSU football games on Saturdays, and having random fun and gearing up for the rest of the week on Sundays.