Spring’s in Full Swing

Hello everyone! Spring quarter has been off to a great start! I really love all of my classes, and we’re only three weeks into the quarter, but it seems like so much has already happened in that short time – both school and non-school related. So I’ll try to touch on a few of the more interesting things of these first few weeks here in Columbus…

So I’ll start with something “non-school” related: the CD 101 concert. Here in Columbus, one of the big radio stations called CD 101 (even though it’s technically now on a different frequency of 102.5) put on a great little concert last weekend that I had the pleasure of attending. It was packed with some excellent bands including two of my new favorites, Ra Ra Riot and Fitz & the Tantrums. If you have not heard of these bands, I highly recommend both – just click on their names above to jump to their websites… Ghost Under Rocks by Ra Ra Riot and MoneyGrabber by Fitz & the Tantrums are currently my favorite specific songs by these bands, in case you need any specific recommendations. I have a feeling there will be plenty more concerts and fun events throughout the rest of this quarter as the weather continues to warm up.

Senator Sarbanes
Senator Sarbanes at the Fisher College of Business

Now something more school-focused but equally interesting: Senator Sarbanes (as in one of the two legislators for which the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is named). This was very cool because as far as the world of accounting goes, this is as close as I’ve ever come to an accounting celebrity. Senator Sarbanes spoke to a large group of MAcc and other Fisher grad students mostly about SOX, and it was really interesting to hear what someone who helped create the act had to say about it. (Thanks to Seth W. for the picture.) Our next scheduled speaker will be Mark Morze, former CFO of the infamous ZZZZ Best Carpet Cleaning fraud from the 1980s, so I’m sure you’ll see a post about that in the near future.

Speaking of the future, and one other entertaining topic that I can cram into this post, this Saturday a good number of Fisher students will be participating in the spring Fisher Games. Basically I’ve been explaining this to people as a field day of sorts, filled with games ranging from disc golf to dizzy bat to kickball to an egg toss. I will be joining a few of my fellow MAcc students to compete against other Fisher students, and it should be a great time!

So with everything going on this quarter, I’m sure I’ll be writing very soon about something else, so until next time!

Fisher Winter Games – MAcc Edition

The annual Fisher Winter Games took place this past Friday, and although I did not personally participate, I sure am glad I came to watch, as it was extremely entertaining. Basically, the Fisher Games were a series of 3 team sports – Basketball, Volleyball, and Dodge ball – in which various teams made of Fisher College of Business students (and faculty/staff) competed. There were teams from all the major programs, but obviously I came to see how the MAcc teams fared. I even made it early enough to get one of the extra shirts that were sported by the MAcc participants with the more or less team name of the day: Bad Assets.

The first competition was Basketball, and I have to say, I was really impressed with how well our MAcc teams played. Some of the participants play Basketball, and Soccer for that matter, every week in the Graduate student league of intramural sports at OSU, so I suppose it shouldn’t have been a surprise that they could actually handle themselves on the court. Regardless of which teams won and which ones lost, they were all good games and it was intense to even just be on the sidelines. Here is an action shot from one of the MAcc vs. MAcc games:

The next sport was Volleyball, and although I was not able to stick around and watch all of the matches, I heard that it was just as entertaining as the other events of the day. However, I personally felt that the most exciting event of the games was the third and final competition: Dodge ball.

Getting ready for dodge ball.

Honestly, it was great seeing my fellow MAcc students, the other students at Fisher, even the faculty… how do I put this… pummeling each other with straight up, good ol’ fashion dodge ball fury. I think purely because of the fact that the intent of the game is to hit each other (usually as hard as possible so they can’t catch the ball), this was by far the most intense event of the day. People were treating the dodge ball matches like a battle to the death. It was especially rough to watch when some teams were oddly superior (I mean, how do you get that good at a sport that most people haven’t played since elementary school?) I suppose some people are just naturals at the art that is dodge ball, but regardless of the winning teams in the end, it was highly entertaining. It’s almost a shame that the MAcc program here is only one year because that means we’ll never get a re-match. I guess that means it’ll be up to future generations of MAcc students (maybe someone reading this?) to always defend the MAcc pride and potentially carry on the “Bad Assets” name.

Some of the MAcc participants of the day.

Thanks to Lilia for these pictures!


The Thrill of Victory!

Mirror Lake jump… check.

Fisher Games Basketball Championship… check.

Fisher Games Volleyball Championship… check.

Fisher Games Dodgeball Championship… check.

The past 24 hours have been awesome! Last night our EOTW (Event of the Week) was the Mirror Lake jump. We all met beforehand at a nearby college hangout and walked over to the lake at 11pm. I wasn’t planning on jumping in, but after talking to everyone about it all week, I decided to take the plunge once again. It was just as amazing as I remembered it from last year. There were people in Halloween costumes, football jerseys, and even on surfboards.

In regards to the weather, It was incredibly warm for mid-November, somewhere in the 40s. Last year it was snowing, so we had to go straight back home after the plunge. This year, we hung out afterward and watched the festivities for a while. After jumping in several times, my friends James and Ashish swam with me to the center to stand on the fountain. Being out there in the middle with no one around us made us feel like the thousands of students at the outskirts of the lake were cheering and dancing and jumping and splashing for us. It was one of those moments that makes you happy to be alive.

After getting to bed at around 2am, I got a couple hours of sleep before I met my case competition group at 7:45am to film some scenes for an application video. We’re applying to be part of an incredibly prestigious case competition, and I’ll talk more about it here if we get selected. Wish us luck!

After filming for over two hours, I raced over to the RPAC for the start of the Fisher Winter Games. I’m always amazed at how athletic our graduate students are. In the MBA program alone we have a pro lacrosse player, an MLS and US Olympic soccer player, college baseball players, college football players, college basketball players, triathletes, marathon runners,  cricket players, an American Gladiator contestant, a yoga instructor and a nationally ranked tandem surfer. MBA students are pretty achievement oriented, so it makes sense that many of them have a history of excellence in both academics and athletics.

Coming back to the day’s events, I played four basketball games, three volleyball games and three dodgeball games, finishing on the championship winning team in all three events. I think standing on the fountain the night before must have given us some good luck as James was on our basketball team and Ashish was on our dodgeball team. The dodgeball matches were definitely the hardest competition of the day and our team put together an incredible team effort to win in the final game. Kudos to Jorge for making an amazing double catch, and totally changing the momentum of the match. You can see it again on tonight’s ESPN top 10 plays of the day.

All in all, the day was a huge success as students cheered for each other, ate together, shared stories and enjoyed some friendly athletic competition. We all played hard but at the end of every game it was always smiles, hugs or congratulations for the opposing team. Being well past my athletic prime though, my body is already feeling the effects of the day’s activities. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

Thank you to the Graduate Programs Office and the student volunteers who put countless hours of work into organizing the event. I hope everyone made some new friends today as we take one more step to bringing all Fisher programs together as “One Fisher.”

Mike ^_^

Fisher MBA Class of 2010 wins The Briefcase!