Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

In keeping with the “end of the first year” theme from 2 weeks ago (stay tuned for another bonus blog this week, since it has been 2 weeks since my last blog), I decided to reflect on a comment I received today. I opened my email from the weekend  and in one them was the comment (directed at me), “I expected more from you.” Of course, I’m not going to go on and say who said it or even the situation surrounding the comment because it really doesn’t matter. The fact is, that comment really stung. After the inevitable hurt feelings that come after a comment like that, I started to think about expectations. Specifically, I started to remember the ones I set for myself coming into this program and how in the grand scheme of things, this little comment doesn’t have any bearing on my life as a whole at Fisher.

My expectations for myself in terms of this program were to obviously, do well academically and after that I just wanted to make some new friends, maybe 3 or 4 that could become really good friends and maybe take on more leadership-type roles,and of course, find an internship. These expectations weren’t particularly lofty in terms of specificity, but this list was a challenge none-the-less, especially at the beginning of a completely new experience.

Because of Fisher, the MLHR program, and the new friends that I’ve meet along the way, I have met and exceeded those expectations. Here’s what I actually have accomplished in one year, thanks to the three groups listed at the beginning of this paragraph:

1. Went from Co-Social Chair to Social Chair for MLHR. This really “kills 2 birds with 1 stone” because I have been able to make new friends because of this and take more a leadership role as well.

2. Found an internship via FisherConnect. After editing my resume, thanks to the Office of Career Management and FisherConnect, I was able to land and internship with the State of Ohio (Department of Natural Resources), which is one of the best internships I could ask for.

3. Made friends with students from across the globe. I’ve been able to get to know students from China and Turkey and have had the pleasure of learning about their culture and sharing some of mine with them (i.e. “Chinese Thanksgiving”). I definitely think that when the program is over, Skype will be in our future, so we can stay in touch, no matter where we are.

4. Learned so much about HR and realized that HR and the program here at Fisher is the perfect fit for me. I knew I wasn’t totally sold on Strategic Communication when I graduated as a career (although I am still a total PR and advertising nerd), so finally finding a specialty that I am passionate about is such a blessing. It doesn’t hurt that my class is full of great people to work with and see 3+ nights a week.

5. Been able to keep up a little bit with Communications through this blog. It’s been nice to still feel like I’m tied to “Comm-world” by maintaining a blog.

6. Ran my first 5k. As I said in the Fisher 5k blog, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support from classmates who were volunteers and fellow runners who were so encouraging every step of the way. I doubt I would have done a 5k if it weren’t for some of classmates in MLHR and everyone who organized the Fisher 5k.

7. Went down zip line. This FOR SURE would not have happened without the help and encouragement of the classmates that were in my team. It may not seem like a big deal to some reading this, but for me, it is a big deal. I put my faith in people who were telling me it was OK to slide myself off of the ledge and being able to put my faith into other people saying it was OK is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

These are only some of the highlights from this past year, and for me, just these alone are proof that I have met and exceeded expectations that I set for myself starting out as a first year graduate student. I would encourage everyone starting in any of the graduate programs at Fisher to think about what expectations you have for yourself starting in the program and after one year look back at how much you have accomplished. It really puts things into perspective if  you’re having a bad day or if you feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on at the end of the year. So, when you come to Fisher, get ready make your list of expectations and be ready to meet and exceed every single of one them.

My First Fisher 5k

Last week I had a little bit of anxiety, to say the least and believe it or not, it was not because of Heneman’s 865 midterm exam, but rather because I knew my first 5k was coming up today. I ran extra on the treadmill this week, thinking that any little bit of extra running I could do would help and I really watched the caloric intake. However, nothing matched the anxiety of this morning. I want everyone to understand my anxiety by saying, that I’m not a runner. I kind of was in high school (purely for tennis), but that was it. My philosophy on running was that you should do so only when necessary (i.e. running from someone bad who is chasing you or if you running for a tennis/soccer ball). I had never actually run in any type of race before today, hence anxiety. I thought I was going to be so slow, which in turn, would lead to embarrassment, and/or that I would trip and fall, and/or that I would pass out before the race was over.

At this point, you may be asking/thinking, if this girl doesn’t like running and has never done anything like this before in her life, then why the heck did she sign up? Well, I signed up for the Fisher 5k for a few reasons. The first is that it is for a great cause. The Fisher 5k benefits the Boys and Girls Club of America, which provides after-school programs to kids. How can anyone resist helping kids? Seriously? Another reason is that I wanted to get more exercise. I’m on a new plan to run more and do more activity in general. Thirdly, the race was close to home! It started at Fisher and only went about 1.5 miles out and then you come back to Fisher. I live right off campus, so there was none of the usual excuse of “parking downtown will be bad.” Finally, it is open to anyone who wants to run, so I didn’t have to do it alone (of course I enlisted my boyfriend to do it with me, what are boyfriends for it they won’t run 5k’s with you? 🙂 ) and there were other MLHR students that ran too.

This morning, I was so tempted to just say “forget it” because I won’t run very fast at all and I might even trip and embarrass myself in front of EVERYONE. However, I thought about what some of my friends had told me in class about how it is a relaxed pace and you don’t have to sprint the whole way. I also thought about how horrible I would feel if I didn’t even try to do it. So, I hopped out of bed (at the late time of 7:30am) to at least try this race.

What actually happened to me during the race? No, I did not pass out before it finished. No, I didn’t trip and fall. No, I don’t think I embarrassed myself, although that one is still up for debate. My style for this event was to jog for a little bit, walk for a little bit, and sprint for a little bit (what can I say, I like to vary things up 🙂 ). Not too bad for first-timer.

I also can’t say enough about the people who volunteered for the event. If I’m not mistaken, it was mostly students who were volunteering. It was so nice that they were willing to give up their Sunday morning to not only pass out water, check people in, and set up food, but also to give support to all of the participants. As I walked, (yes walked), to get water, one of the guy’s from my class handing out water said “great job” to everyone who needed water. It was an awesome feeling knowing and seeing people from class who were there just offering kind words of encouragement. It made me realize what a wonderful group of students we have at the graduate level here.

Overall, it was a great first 5k experience. Everyone I talked to told me not to worry so much about speed and all of my friends, both in the program and outside were all just supportive of the fact that I was doing it. For me, this was the first time that I wasn’t so concerned with being in “first place” or doing my absolute best. This was a way to get some good exercise in, do something different with my friends/boyfriend, and do something for a good cause. In fact, I think this event has inspired me to get better and continue to do more 5k’s (before moving on to anything longer than that). I’m already excited to improve my time next year!

First Race Number EVER!

Volunteering at the 2011 Fisher 5k

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, I volunteered at the 2011 Fisher 5K.  For those of you who don’t know, The Fisher 5K is a charity race organized by the Fisher 5K Association at The Fisher College of Business.  It is an annual run/walk race (3.1 miles) which began in 2004 and is the largest service event hosted by the Fisher graduate programs and the largest 5K race on campus.  The proceeds of the race go to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.

When attending the FCOB, you will have plenty of opportunities to volunteer for worthwhile causes.  Even if you decided (like me) that 3.1 miles was a little too long to run, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to help out.  I signed up to work at the registration booth and had a great time.  I even got to hang out with Brutus the Buckeye!

If you missed out on the Fisher 5K, below are some pictures to take a look at!


The Thirst for Knowledge?

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

When anyone asks me how this quarter is going, my answer is: I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose.  Believe you me: MIT (where the above pic is taken) doesn’t have exclusive rights on this metaphor.  Welcome to spring quarter of your first year in the full-time MBA program at Fisher!  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of things, I was reminded of two things: “you don’t know what you don’t know” and, actually, ignorance *is* bliss.

Let me clarify a few things for those of you that read these blogs regularly: (1) MLHR is not the only graduate business program at Fisher, (2) there are actually more full-time MBA bloggers than MLHR bloggers, and (3) work load definitely varies by program.

FTMBA’s are B-U-S-Y.  That said, I think the Working Professional MBAs have it worse.  They have to go to work all day and then high-tail it over to Gerlach Hall to sit in classes from 6-10pm each evening.  How and when they do their homework, reading, group projects, and presentations, I don’t know.  Unless they’re “multitasking” in the office (you know who you are), they get to spend their weekends studying.  Blech.  Kudos to them . . . I couldn’t do it.

Back to being a FTMBA . . .

This quarter, I have an enormous amount of reading to do – constantly.  There is no ebb and flow.  Spring quarter brings the final two core classes: Strategy & Global Macro.  (As an aside: the elective classes I’m taking are Service Operations and Sustainability Marketing.)  The macro-econ course requires I subscribe to The Economist and get quizzed weekly on the content.  The entire magazine is fair game.  Sound hellish?  I thought so too!  I was wrong.  I *love* this magazine.  Here’s why . . .

To date, I proudly claimed to a member of the apathetic, ignorant American masses.  Thanks to Prof Kistruck’s mandate, I’m a person that has some clue about what’s happening in the world and how current global events affect business.  I live here after all  – so I might as well understand how my life is being affected.  The world gets smaller by the day and global awareness is really critical.  It’s about time I got a clue.  Yay me!

Outside of classes, much is happening around the Fisher College of Business (FCOB).  Officer elections are taking place in student groups, end of year summits and banquets are being held, and the weather is slowly improving (which should result in strong attendance at the Fisher 5K this weekend and the upcoming Fisher Spring Games).  I assumed leadership roles in various organizations next year: President of the Fisher Graduate Women in Business, VP of Innovate Columbus in Innovation Fisher, and Treasurer of Fisher’s Association of Marketing Professionals.  My Fisher Board Fellows assignment is supporting COSI next year and I’ve agreed to help with Fisher Follies.  YAY!

Regardless of your interests, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved and participate in the Fisher community.  This morning, I was inspired by the words of the founder of Fisher Board Fellows, Wake Norris.  “Remember to unpack.” He stressed the importance of unpacking and living where you are when you arrive someplace new.  This advice applies to you as well as me.  When you arrive at your program, how will you get involved?  Be a part of your community?  The choice is yours and the options are plentiful.

I am really excited about the coming year even if it means lack of sleep.  I figure: This only happens once.  I’m going to make the most of it.

“Stay thirsty my friends.”  – The Most Interesting Man in the World

All good things must come to an end

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. I knew the amazing weather wouldn’t last long – I’ve lived in Ohio my entire life, changing weather is Ohio’s trademark. Hopefully the weather shapes up for my first bridal shower this weekend! Sad news today though – I misread my indoor/outdoor thermometer, and thought it said 68 degrees for the outside temperature instead of 50, so I’m just wearing a longsleeve t-shirt, with no coat, and it’s definitely a little too chilly for that. At least I’ll be inside most of the day.

A few shameless plugs before I actually start my blog

  1. Support my sister and her team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure by clicking here. Her name is Jennifer Osborne, and you can donate to her, or to the team or to the cause in general. Imagine a life without Breast Cancer
  2. Support the Fisher 5K. As of a few days ago, they’d raised $17,000 and counting. Click here for more information and to learn what the money supports – the Boys and Girl’s Club of Columbus.
  3. This is a great song. I just discovered it, thanks to Pandora. Check it out!
  4. Whenever you’re bored with life, or studying, or you’re just plain procrastinating, check out Mark “The Shark” Titus’ blog – Club Trillion. It’s pretty awesome and entertaining. I won’t bore you with details, you can read them in Joseph Fahrendorf’s blog if you want to know.

Now that that’s over…

So far classes are shaping out to be very interesting this quarter. It’s week 2 and so far I am completely caught up on reading. Be impressed. Normally I read before exams, and skim through it as the need arises for projects. Tonight is our first quiz for our Seminar class, aka economics. Why don’t they just call it economics? Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. Last week I missed class because I was in church for Maundy/Holy Thursday, so hopefully I’ve prepared enough to make up for it. I have notes from two of my classmates, so that should give me a fairly well rounded view of what I missed. And, as a reassurance, if I totally bomb the quiz, I can always have my lowest dropped. Whew.

I found out last night that a few of my classmates read my blog. It’s a really weird feeling to know people read it, but kind of cool, too. Most of the time when I write these things, I write them as if no one ever reads them, because I feel like it gives a more honest view of what actually happens in my life. But, still sweet that people read what I write.

Anyway, have a great Thursday. Tomorrow’s Friday and I’m going to the Daughtry/Lifehouse concert with Jaimie and a few friends, so I’m excited. It should be a really great weekend!

The Fisher 5K

My activity with the Fisher 5K Association has really increased the past two weeks.  The Fisher 5K Association is a student organization that is responsible for organizing the annual Fisher 5K charity race.   The Fisher 5K is an annual Run/Walk (5 kilometers or 3.1 miles) which began in 2004 and is held on The Ohio State University campus.  It is the largest service event hosted by the Fisher graduate programs.  All the proceeds of the race go to support the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.  In 2009, we had 608 race registrants and raised $21,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.  We are already close to 300 registrations and are looking to get another 500 more.

This year the race will be held on April 25, 2010. The official start time for the Fisher 5K is 9:00 AM.  If you haven’t signed up, I encourage you to do so.  If you have signed up, convince friends and family to sign-up and run/walk with you.

To register:

Snow Day!

Well, I suppose not ‘technically’, but seeing as I have no classes or work on Fridays, tomorrow is a snow day for me! And just so you know, I did go to class tonight, despite my intuition. Here’s a picture of Fisher covered in snow. My work closed at 3:00 and since I had class at 6 and it would have been stupid of me to go home in between, I sat in Fisher and read for the next 3 classes. Woot for being ahead of the game! While I was reading, I took this picture! Fisher’s so pretty in the snow. I much prefer snow from the indoors, though I’m fairly certain I may be coerced by a certain fiance of mine to go sledding tomorrow.

This is when classes should have been cancelled.
This is when classes should have been canceled.

But on a positive note, all of my classes look like they should be quite educational and hopefully fun along the way. I’m actually interested in all of the subject matter. And, my internship project is beginning, so that should keep me busy!

Oh, before I forget – If you’re into running at all, you should consider running in the fisher 5K on April 25th. You can register here. All of the proceeds go towards a good cause – the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.

Have a great night everyone, and stay safe out in the snow, whether you’re driving or romping around!