Brett Has Left the Building

Dear Loyal Following,

Over the past nine months, we have shared so much. You have witnessed a special and intimate viewing of the journey from the beginning of the Specialized Master in Finance program to this final week. From my introductory blog to my first semester recap to this final thank-you letter.

Roughly one year ago, I submitted my deposit for the program and solidified my change from a Political Science/International Affairs undergraduate student to a Candidate for the Specialized Master in Finance program at the Fisher College of Business. Arguably one of the biggest decisions of my life, I switched from a pre-law track to a finance track. Looking back, it was the defining moment in my life.

I have been exposed to a vast array of financial instruments and models that I will use in my future career. The amazing faculty and staff here have been awesome in supporting my growth as a student of finance and a student of The Ohio State University. In addition, the friends I have made here will last a lifetime, coming from backgrounds all across the globe and from different avenues of business. One thing you may have noticed throughout my blogs was the influence of the different cultures in the restaurants we visited. That is one of the greatest attributes of our program.

With all that being said, this is my final week at Fisher and my final week serving the program as a graduate ambassador. I have never been great at goodbyes and thus will keep this soliloquy short and sweet. To everyone at The Ohio State University, it has been an amazing ride. I am excited to see what the future holds for us in our future careers.

Adiós. 再见. 안녕. Tạm biệt. αντιο σας. अलविदा. Ijeoma. ลาก่อน.               Goodbye, Blog World.

Brett Hornung                                                                                                     Specialized Master in Finance, Class of ’17                                                       The Ohio State University – Fisher College of Business


Farewell to the Kat/Cat

Some of us were fortunate enough to have done Compensation in undergrad or as a graduate non-degree student like I did.  But for those people who weren’t so fortunate, they’re suffering through the final phases of the FastCat project.  That didn’t stop some of them from coming out to the Varsity Club though!

As you may be aware, one of our beloved professors is leaving us to go to Kansas.  Venkat Bendapudi got us through Statistics and our 863 class, Business Practices and the HR Manager.  His patience with us that were not great at math should be legendary.

It will be very sad to see him leave, as he is one of those rare professors who cares more about our education than cashing that paycheck from OSU.  He is witty, funny, intelligent and passionate about all he does inside and outside of the classroom.

In order to honor him, about a dozen or so students descended on the Varsity Club patio to give him a surprise farewell.  The look of shock and adoration on his face was priceless.

A few of us chipped in to buy him a bottle of Glenlivet 18, his scotch of choice.  Peppered in with his lectures were exclamations of love for his wife, daughter, the program and single malt scotch.  He mentioned the last one about 105,000 times.  That could be hyperbole or just me being bad at math.  We couldn’t think of a better way to send him off.  His wife proclaimed that his speech to us at the Varsity Club was the one of the most emotional times she has ever seen him.  The sentiment is returned, Dr. B.

Because it was a surprise party, he was unfortunately not able to stay long.  But a few of us remained and continued to raise a glass to him.  Here’s to you, Dr. Bendapudi.  Best of luck in your future endeavors!  You will be missed.

Good luck Dr. B!
Me and Dr. B