Extending Your Offer

I didn’t want to say anything until I had it in writing, but I’ve been extended again at OCLC in my HR Intern role.  What was supposed to be ten weeks, has turned into a full year.

Even though I’ll be moving to DC at the end of March (blog to follow), the miracles of modern technology and the graciousness of my employer are allowing me to work remotely for OCLC until June.

Thanks to Citrix, a remote desktop application, I can access my work hard drive from anywhere using my security token, an internet connection and my laptop.  I can work from anywhere essentially.

Working only one day a week in the office, and remotely the rest of the time, has presented an interesting challenge this quarter.  My day in the office is when I get to do all the physical things like put up marketing, take face to face meetings and coordinate with my manager.  Once I move, I will be coordinating with my manager over the phone and will return to Columbus twice a month or so, for a few days or so at a time, and work in the office.  I’ll probably put in more days in the office AFTER I leave than I have this quarter.  It has been a challenge, but very rewarding at the same time.

OCLC has been an incredible experience and when my 10 weeks were up, I didn’t want to leave.  I wanted to see through some of the projects that could not be pushed through during that time period and I wanted to work on some of the projects that were coming up in the pipeline.  So I asked to stay.  Simple as that.  Being that the position was local, I had the opportunity to do so.  I cut back my hours (boy did that first part-time paycheck shock!), and scheduled my work week with help from my managers so it would fit with my class schedule.

The HR Intern position for this year is actually structured so the intern will stay on for the fall semester on a part-time basis.  And don’t worry, if you’re a candidate or the future intern, don’t worry. I WILL leave before you start.

My advice to first years who will be starting their summer internships in a few short months is this: I recommend you do the same if you can.  Even if the position is not local, you could possibly work remotely.  It’s great experience, looks wonderful on your resume, and a regular paycheck never hurt, even if diminished.  It also doesn’t hurt to ask.

Good luck to all the first year MLHR candidates!