Class, History, Leadership, and fun in Ohio!

During our Organizational Turnarounds class this week, we were very fortunate to have Burt Logan, the CEO and Executive Director of the Ohio Historical Society speak to our class about his leadership experiences.  A graduate of West Point, he left the military to pursue his passion of leadership, American history, and museums.  He has since worked as Director of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society in Wilkes-Barre, PA; Director of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WI; and President of the USS Constitution Museum in Boston, MA.  It was very interesting to hear about his leadership challenges in a non-profit environment, and to witness how similar those challenges are to the for profit environment.  It speaks to the fact that Fisher will provide you with a wide variety of experiences and information to prepare you for whatever role you choose to take after the program.

And do now I’m going to make a pitch about the Ohio Historical Society!  If you want something new and different to do on your weekends (assuming you have finished all of your homework, of course!), the Ohio Historical Society provides incredible opportunities for fun learning that is easy on your wallet.

1. Passport Program – Visit all 58 historical sites in Ohio, get your passport stamped at each one, and be inducted into the “Passport to Your Ohio History Hall of Fame!”  (I happen to think this is very cool.)

2. Archaeology Blog – Need a quick study break, but no time to go anywhere?  Jump online and check out the updates on the Ohio Archaeology Blog.  You’ll find updates about Ohio Archaeology as well as information as to what’s going on with archaeology exhibits.

3. Ohio History Center – Visit the museum right here in Columbus!  Just off I-71, it’s a quick trip from campus and admission is only $10. You can see the museum, archives, exhibits, and special events and programs.

4. Stop by the recently re-opened Ohio Village!  Admission $10 – who doesn’t love an “immersion” experience where everyone is in character??

This is a mere sampling of all the things the Ohio Historical Society has to offer.  Check out their newly designed website and “Explore Ohio!” for yourself!

Cirque in Cbus

One of the great things about OSU is the fact that it is located here in Columbus. As the capital of Ohio, it tends to be a major stop for most entertaining tours across the country. The other day a group of us MAcc students went and saw a personal favorite of these touring acts, Cirque du Soleil, and it was amazing. For anyone that has yet to see this astounding traveling show, Cirque du Soleil is basically a fancy circus. The main differences between this show and your typical “circus” are that Cirque du Soleil does not use animals and they tend to have a primary focus on acrobatic stunts rather than some of the other things you may see at a circus (you won’t see any motorcycles driving around in a big metal cage here). To be honest, I also find the clowns in this show to be more entertaining than your typical, “give children nightmares” kind of clowns from other circuses.


The brand name of “Cirque du Soleil” encompasses numerous traveling shows around the world, so specifically we saw the show entitled “Dralion.” Basically the theme of the show focused on the four elements taking human form, so they had acts that embodied wind, water, earth, and fire. One of the favorite acts of the group was the “wind” act called the Aerial Pas de Deux, which is described by their website as:

a languorous aerial dance. A couple, intertwined, flies over the stage in a long band of blue cloth. Within the cloth, they perform various acrobatic figures that demand great feats of strength and flexibility.

The other amazing acts included some mind blowing juggling, jumping through hoops, and trampolining… And yes, I just made up the word “trampolining” as in, the art of doing crazy acrobatic stunts on a trampoline. If this show or any of the Cirque du Soleil shows ever come to your town, be sure to go – it’s well worth it!


Concerts in Columbus

I will gladly admit that I am a HUGE music fan. In fact, between playing an instrument and listening to music, I would say that music in general is by far my favorite hobby/pastime. Considering this, one of my biggest concerns of moving to Columbus was the question: “is Columbus a good music scene?” (I honestly asked that question on my tour when I came and visited Fisher during the admissions process). It’s only been a few weeks into the quarter, but I think it is safe to say yes – Columbus is a great place for concerts and music in general.

I am declaring this for two big reasons. The first being that the city of Columbus, OH is a decently-sized city – definitely big enough to be on the map of all major music tours across the country. One big concert destination for these traveling acts of musical entertainment is called the Newport and it is conveniently located directly across the street from the student union. In the small time that I’ve lived here, there’s already been a plethora of musical goodness to grace the stage at Newport including some really big names such as Guster. In the next month, other acts for Newport include, but are not limited to: Ingrid Michaelson, Michael Franti & Spearhead, and Jonsi (from Sigur Ros). Basically what I’m getting at is that Newport is a great place for some great bands, and I really like it because it’s so close to campus. And of course, there are some other great venues around town – I just haven’t had the chance to venture out to them yet.

The second big reason behind Columbus being deemed a great place for music is the same reason it’s a great town in general – OSU. With one of the biggest and best universities in the country, you’re bound to have some great performers that are willing to come for a visit. Not to mention that the Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) seems to do a fantastic job of ensuring that our student activity fees are spent on quality entertainment. This last Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing Iron & Wine for free in the student union. John Legend is playing for free tonight as I type this, and next week I will be going to the comedic stand up act of Aziz Ansari. On top of all this, with such a diverse student body that attends the Fisher College of Business, you can quickly come across other individuals with similar tastes in music. Personally, the quickest way I have expanded my musical knowledge is through my friends (new and old) that just knew about all these great artists that I had never heard of. Basically, with the students of Fisher you can find similar interests in anything with at least someone, and music has been no exception.

Overall I am pumped that OSU and Columbus is such a great scene for music. If you are a proud music-buff like me, be sure to take advantage of all the concerts they have here. On a final note, the one band that I am anxiously holding my breath for would be The Black Keys – they started their musical career here in Ohio and I think it would be really cool to see them in the state where they started it all (I just checked and at least through next March, they have no plans to stop in OH, so I’ll be crossing my fingers for some time between March and our June graduation). Below is a concert poster for the Black Keys by one of my favorite artists, Tyler Stout. I know it’s not for a show in OH, but I wanted to get some color in this post.

The Black Keys Concert Poster
A Black Keys Poster by Tyler Stout

Thanks for reading (now go check out all the links to the great bands above by clicking the embedded hyperlinks),