There are two kinds of people in life . . . those who are spontaneous and those who are planners.  Sure, you can argue that you’re somewhere in between but, when you really think about it, I purport that you find yourself in one camp or the other.  Me?  I’m a planner.

I’m writing this from my hostel in Lima, Peru.  I arrived a couple of hours ago and within the past hour the remainder of my classmates (spare a couple) have all safely arrived.  We are here as part of our winter quarter course work.  We opted to take part in the EMFS program offered by the International Programs Office and CIBER at Fisher.  There is a group in Brazil, a working Spanish group in Puerto Rico, and we’re the micro-enterprise group visiting Peru.  Spring break is a great time to stretch your wings and gain some international exposure… especially if you don’t participate in a longer-term study abroad program.

My planner-self really struggled with this trip.  We didn’t receive an itinerary until the week prior to departure, boarding passes arrived yesterday afternoon, finals just ended yesterday, and I am staying an extra day in the city because I wanted to find airfare for under $1,000.  Oh yeah – my level of Spanish consists of what I learned 30 some years ago watching Sesame Street.

I’m well traveled in the states but am used to staying in hotels.  Hostel is the name of a horror flick.  Have I mentioned my over-active imagination?

Fact of the matter: I chose this particular trip option because I knew it would challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone.

It would also allow me to explore a subject area that has increasingly intrigued me for the past few years… Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship.  If you find yourself in the same boat, I strongly suggest you check out the upcoming summit.  I attended last year before I was a student and I’m really looking forward to attending again this year.

I hate shots and had to get five (tetanus, flu, HepA, typhoid, yellow fever)… half of our group is going into the Amazon jungle.  They needed to get malaria too.  I’m not particularly earthy and I’ve always refused to leave the house without makeup.  For this trip, I’m sans makeup, staying in hostels, sleeping in group arrangements, and doing my best to ward off mosquitoes (there’s one in my room now so I just doused myself with repellent).

That said, I’m learning a new culture, touring the Andes mountains, seeing Machu Picchu, earning class credit, testing my limits, and helping small dairy farmers grow their businesses.  What’s the full-time MBA all about?  Life experiences.  Can’t wait to post pictures for you later!