The right school.

This is my second or third post on how important it is to get into the right school.  I am not getting any other single thread of thought that links to whatever I am doing here at my MBA program. Be it a new idea that I bring in or work together with classmates in a case competition or take help from a classmate in understanding American culture or have lots of fun with them celebrating Indian festival, I am having fum or learning something new because I chose my right fit and so did everyone else in my class.

When I brought in the idea of starting ‘Microsoft Firenze’ case competition at Fisher, the support that I got from all of the faculty and the dean was awesome. With very tight deadlines, I wasn’t told that it was not possible. I was given the kind of freedom and support that we needed to bring this on. I should mention the help that I got from the second year students in making this happen. With their experience in school, they did all that they could. The result? We progressed from a time when we thought pulling off 8 teams will be difficult, to gathering 14 teams in all! Firenze is on now and am very happy to see many students from across schools participating in it. All thanks to the Dean Karen Wruck, the faculty and my seniors at school.

Talking about case competitions, there is no dearth of such at Fisher. I love solving cases and suggesting solutions. I am a devil’s advocate within whatever team that I work in. Questioning assumptions and validating the solutions are some things that come naturally to me. So case competitions are something that I really enjoy working on. Green Case competition was one such.  I loved my team on that competition. These are the times that you get to work with different people, understand them, have fun, and make good friends. And the best part is when you cheer for your classmates when they win the same. The most heard line in the conversations between the teams was “The only part that I don’t like about this is competing within ourselves”. So when another team from the class wins, it’s just so natural to feel happy for them.

Coming from a foreign land, I didn’t want to take anything for granted. I always want to be sure of what I speak and do with my fellow mates and other Americans. So when I was invited by the IFI to spend the Thanksgiving day with an American family, I sought the help of one of my classmates to pick up something for them. She was gracious and generous enough to not only suggest a gift but also take me to the right place to get it. I am truly lucky to be with such wonderful people.

When it comes to celebrations in India, nothing beats Diwali. That just multiplies 10 fold when you are celebrating it in a foreign land and 100 fold, when you are celebrating it with your American and other international friends. 🙂 I am just back from the best party that I had so far in school – Diwali Dinner organized by Fisher Indian Students’ Association. 🙂 That was a lot of fun. All those who were present were very open minded, had a lot of respect for Indians and their culture and wanted to learn more. They all learned some cool Bollywood moves!! No one had any inhibitions and the kids of my classmates had fun too. This was one of my best times here at Fisher. 🙂

I got a few emails from prospective students on how and why I chose Fisher and I said, “Because this is where I fit very well”. That’s what I would say to any one looking at a business school:- contemplate on whether that school will be the right fit for you. Trust me, these two words “Right Fit” mean so much and more!!


Diwali Dinner: All in one event

Finally… I am back to slightly normal life 🙂

Really delicious food, fabulous company, integration of cultures and great dancing is how I would describe the Diwali dinner hosted by the India MBA Association.  Even before the event took place it was evident the success it was going to have. Tickets sold out immediately and in the restaurant there was barely any free space to sit down. The hosts of the event were amazing. They not only gave a warm welcome to all the guests, they also dressed up with traditional clothing, they made sure that everybody was enjoying the food and finally they made us burn some calories by dancing according to the very energizing Indian music. My favorite dancers of the night were definitely Ashish K, Tanvy N, and Basesh G.  Very impressive movements and great entertainment through the night!!

These types of events certainly define what Fisher is about. Diversity, great people, sharing and learning of different cultures, hard work and fun. These are the moments that promote integration and friendship in the program, and these are the things that will definitely stay in my memories throughout the years. The smiles and laughs at some very exotic dancing put everybody in a good mood after a busy week. The crowd was very boisterous and made for a great night as staff and students mingled alike and created a din of chatter despite the lovely food which people ate like there was no tomorrow.

Thanks to the Indian association for the fantastic event and wonderful time I spend at Diwali. Please keep organizing more of these events, I am pretty sure all of them will be a complete success just as the Diwali was. Its success was indicated in the sellout of tickets and people discussing the fact they will be back next year already, sounds like a good business model!