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Kid’s story: A New Day

Timeline: Sunday evening.

I see: the news.

I hear:  you guessed it… the news.

I smell: um… the news?

I feel: Easterly 🙂

My typical weekday has considerably changed since I began my MBA. Here’s what it looks like now:

06:00 Wake up, hit snooze button, wake up again, read HBR, work out, shower, dress, feed.

07:30 Turn on CNN, turn on laptop, open Outlook, reply to emails, make some phone calls, search for internship, catch up on news.

10:30 Strategy class with professor Dial, take quick notes, review case, open prep notes, raise hand if applicable.

12:18 Drive home, turn on E!, feed, check voice mail, return calls.

13:30 Strategic Corporate Restructuring with professor James, keep track of the story being told, take notes, speak only when spoken to.

15:30 Mergers and Acquisitions with professor Anand, open cookies, get notebook ready, don’t fall behind, eat cookies, raise hand, try to win argument, fail miserably.

17:18 Check voice mail, reply to priority emails on phone, set up reminders, go home since soccer season hasn’t started.

17:30 Turn on laptop, open Outlook, reply to emails, organize readings, read.

19:30 Feed, resume reading.

21:00 Check email, complain of what I didn’t have time to read, pack for next day, do some housekeeping.

22:00 Watch local news and weather forecast, check DVR, watch a recorded show, check phone.

23:00 Check next day’s schedule, complain of what I forgot to do, read GQ, set alarm, rest.

“…and we have some rain showers heading your way…”  – Weather man

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