Tips for Admitted Students

As the application season goes on, many students wait for the results of their applications (and some were already admitted, if that is you, congrats rockstar! ) Either if you are on the fence about multiple admission from different schools or trying to decide whether OSU is the right choice for you, I wanted to share some tips for students as they make their final admissions decisions.

For me location was very important in a sense that I wanted to stay in the Midwest after completing my undergraduate degree. I also knew that I wanted to be close to major financial hubs such as Chicago (6hr drive) or New York (8hr). Random reason is that I also wanted to experience the four weather seasons, I have to admit fall is short but beautiful at OSU, and coming from warm weather in my home country I wanted to live through a real winter with snow since I have never seen snow before. My advice is to at least have a general idea of where you would like to work post-graduation and don’t forget to factor cost of living into your list.

My friend and classmate Jeff Chiu won a snowman contest in his resident complex as best snowman this January. Go bucks!

Alumni Network
One of the biggest factors for me in choosing the SMF program was the extensive and global OSU alumni network . This can be particularly helpful when job searching as there is a high likelihood to find an OSU graduate working for a particular company of interest, and Buckeye alums are certainly willing to connect you with other people. TIP: After my graduation once I become officially a Buckeye alum, if you are connecting with me just don’t forget to mention the ‘Go bucks’ at the end of your email 😉

Faculty and Program Curriculum
If you are intellectually curious, I’m very certain that you care about which professors will be teaching you in the future. When deciding programs don’t forget to review the school’s websites and learn more about the faculty at that school. I believe the OSU SMF program has excellent faculty including industry wide well-known professors due to their academic research and publications as well as professor with corporate work experience. Personally, I found the mixture between both intellectually stimulating as in some classes I was able to learn the theory, frameworks and technical concepts while other will allow me to practice these concepts such as in the Core Capstone class. I have heard about this from previous SMF students, so don’t hesitate to reach out to GAs to ask them about their experiences in the program.

Most of us as graduate students are trying to save up as much as possible during school, therefore the cost of the program (and the amount of scholarship received) ends up being a determinant factor to our commitment to a program. Personally, Columbus Ohio is one of the cities where you would get the most bang for your buck with cost of living being considerably lower than many big cities while still experiencing the vibe of a metropolis and having exposure to Fortune 500 companies HQs.

One of my favorite sections! As the number one/two largest university in the country, Ohio State has SO many extracurricular opportunities tailored for everyone! Some of them include:

Career Fairs

• Networking Events: with SMF/Fisher/OSU alums and corporations

Case Competitions: CFA Research Challenge, ACG Cup, NBIC Investment  Banking, Real Estate Case Competition

• SMF Educational Visit: Chicago Companies Visit, Venture Capital Tour

• Getting involved with a Student Organization

• Leadership roles in the SMF Student Council

Speakers at Fisher, and much more!

International Reach
OSU graduates are literally in every part of the world, I can tell from experience. If you are walking in an airport and someone sees you wearing OSU clothing, they would yell at you ‘Go Bucks!’ or ‘OH’. One time, I was in Peru and a couple of men, saw me wearing an Ohio State pullover and said you go to Ohio State? Oh great, go bucks! I was truly amazed by how many Buckeyes we have abroad including in far away places such as Peru.


After all that hard work studying, you also want to have some time to distress de-stress and bond with your fellow classmates. Columbus is a vibrant community with many enjoyable things to do across the board. Besides all the fun activities within Ohio State and Fisher, we have the Short North, Easton Mall and Polaris, Columbus Downtown, many local restaurants, breweries, and coffee chops, activities such as skiing, snowboarding,  snow tubing, zip lining, The Columbus Zoo, and so many other!

Short North

Regardless of what school you decide, I hope this blog helps you consider important factors when making your decision besides from ranking or school reputation. All for all, I wish you the best in your future endeavors.


My quick overview of the Fisher Career Fair!

Fisher Fall Career Fair 2011
Fisher Fall Career Fair 2011

You know Fisher is a great school.  You know its programs (both undergraduate and graduate) rank among the very best in the world.  You know the faculty, staff, and other students you’ll interact with are incredible.  But do you know about the Fisher Fall Career Fair?

The Career Fair is one of Fisher’s greatest assets.  Over 130 employers fill the Ohio Union, seeking Fisher’s best and brightest students for internships and full-time careers.  And with the quality of Fisher students, they’ve got a tough time ahead sorting through all of those qualified students’ resumes.

Things kick off at 10.30 and go until 4.30.  Not only do you get the chance to talk to recruiters on the day of the Career Fair, but most of the employers will set up interviews on the spot as early as the next day.  Talking to recruiters at the Fair is also a great way to gauge how much you like the company’s vibes without actually having to interview.  It’s basically a free mini-interview!

Fisher also provides special transportation for us students, seeing as how the Union isn’t the closest building to Gerlach (or Schoenbaum, for undergraduates).  There is a dedicated CABS (Campus Area Bus Service) line that runs from Fisher to the Union every 15 minutes.  This is great, since you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty rushing to the Union and then shaking the recruiter from your dream company’s hand!!  A coat check is also provided, as it does get warm inside.

Finally, there are numerous ways Fisher helps us prepare to be at our best for the Career Fair.  There is a student guidebook, a slideshow presentation on how to prepare, and an excellent Career Management team that you can schedule appointments with.  The Career Management team is a wonderful resource to use, especially if you want an extra set of eyes on your resume or would like to practice with some mock interviews.  You can check out the student guidebook and a little more information on this year’s fair here.


Fisher Fall Career Fair 2011
PWC recruiters speaking with students

I spoke with a student that attended the Career Fair to get their perspective as well!

As always, I was very impressed with the Fisher College of Business’ ability to collect so many different companies (over 135), all interested in hiring students just like me. More so than the fair itself, I was impressed with the preparation that’s put into this event. I really value the ability to print off (or keep digital, as many students did this fall) a list of companies, including a cross reference of the positions they have available. This allows my time at the actual event to be used more efficiently, as I only speak to firms hiring my specific major. -Kendall Mahon

In summary, the Career Fair is one of the greatest services Fisher provides.  It is an incredible opportunity given to us as students to develop both personally and professionally.  The slew of resources available to help us prepare for the Career Fair is even more impressive, and we are very lucky to have them at our disposal.

The Career Fair Cattle Call

I’m not sure what most people think of when they think of career fairs. Crowds? Desperation? Opportunity? For me, it was all of those things rolled into one, but I decided to give the Fisher Invitational Career Fair a chance this week. Although I was unable to make it to any of the pre-event preparation workshops, I thought it was a nice touch to help students navigate their way through.

So, resumes in hand and smart business attire ready, I headed for the Blackwell. I went early thinking maybe other students would still be in class. Wrong! The ballroom, lobbies and hallways were a sea of suited up students nervously scanning job fair maps. I had done my homework before the show, so I already knew which companies were looking for HR interns. Unfortunately for me and my classmates, few were there for HR graduate students, and even fewer (about two) were local companies in need of our skills.

Undeterred, I sought these few companies out of the crowd. At one booth the recruiter lined us up two or three at a time, told us exactly what he was looking for, and then scooted along to the next anxiously awaiting set. Some limply dropped a resume onto the stack, others just gave their polite thanks and wandered off to the next booth. Where was the face time? Where was his sense of interest in any of us, really? On I went, though, to one of the local companies listed in the brochure under MLHR. Here they did take the time to talk to students one on one. Things were looking better! It was nearly my turn! Finally, I approached, made my introductions and asked about their MLHR opportunities. “Mmm, yeah, I can give you a brochure about our MBA program.” OK, I said, but I’m interested in HR. “We might have filled those already; you can check the website.”

After a few more stops, a migraine was stirring in my frontal lobe. The crowd, shoved together like cattle in an auction ring, the seemingly disinterested recruiters (at least for MLHR), and the stress of it all were starting to take their toll. I checked another local company–nothing for graduate HR–and then another one specifically listed on our sheets with MLHR checked. Surely this one could offer something positive, right! So, I waited in line, approached the recruiter, gave my introductory short speech, and….”Yeah, you’re like the third person who has asked about HR. We are only looking at sales. We haven’t recruited for HR in three years. I don’t know why it says that.”

The recruiter apologized. Clearly it was just a mix-up with the brochure. I thanked her politely, wished her luck in the search, and decided to call it a day at the career fair. I’m sure some students walked away with hopes of interviews and offers. There certainly seemed to be no lack of talented students eager to express their employment qualifications. Likewise, the volume of recruiters shows that Fisher can draw in some of the leading companies locally and nationwide. I guess it just wasn’t my day. Maybe next year …