Thanks to Team 7

A good team makes working on projects and assignments easier.

A great team helps you keep calm when you have seven interviews in one week, two homework assignments due and a midterm within days.

Luckily, I fall into the second category! I wanted to take a quick second and thank my incredible team members: Pat, Davin, Arjun and Tracy for everything this past month.

Not only did February bring snow and cold (also some 60 degree days – thanks Ohio), but lots of interviews, projects and and team assignments.

You thought finding time for coffee with a friend was hard – try finding time on  5 calendars to meet for 2 hours. A nearly impossible task.

But, you make it work. You talk to your team and projects are suddenly divided up through emails and Google docs. You have meetings through Skype, speakerphone and more. Everyone supports one another and with some open and honest communication (and coffee if you’re me), everything is somehow perfected and turned-in before the due date.

THAT, my friends, is some FCOB teamwork magic. And I know magic, I worked for the mouse himself.

Business school is more than learning the material, it’s adapting to crazy situations and knowing how to be a leader — and a  team player. You learn how to ask, and accept, help from team-members.

So thank you to the incredible and supportive individuals of Team 7, we almost made it through another crazy term!


Tips & Takeaways

Hey everyone!

It’s insane to think that in about one week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and cheering for a Buckeye victory against Michigan. I cannot believe that the time is flying by so quickly!  And with each passing day, the other 1st years and I are learning how to truly navigate through our MBA program successfully.

 These may not be your most traditional takeaways, but there are sure to help you in the long run!

  • Bring lunch and snacks – The vending machine is delicious….but dangerous. It can be too easy to grab a candy bar when you are staying late to review finance or accounting, but be warned! The sugar crash later will only make your eyes heavy during class. I try to pack a lunch during my long days to stop any vending machine temptations. Packing also stops the trips to eat out for lunch. Trust me, you and your wallet will thank me later.
  • Rohr Cafe will become your best friend (and possibly Panera) – Just to build off the previous post, your two years in business school will be the years you consume the most coffee. It is the norm to run  and grab a shot of caffeine before classes, in-between classes, after classes, while studying, and a few other times during the day. To help watch the spending, I recommend brewing your own cup at home and limiting the number of coffee runs a week. And if you are one of the stronger souls that don’t drink coffee – enjoy watching the frantic dashes of your fellow students who need to the sweet taste of Starbucks.
  • Wear layers to class – Seriously. A wonderful 74 degrees in your ops. class to a freezing 64 in accounting (I know, I know. I am warm-blooded and like the temperature slightly warmer than other people). But if you don’t bring a sweater during the fall and spring months, you will be freezing in one class and sweating in another.
  • Reserve a room – If you are meeting with a few others to study for a test or work through practice problems, make sure you reserve a room!  Around midterm and finals week, they tend to fill up quickly. You need to have a total of three attendees, so form a study group and reserve a room to ensure a productive evening of hitting the books.
  • Use a calendar and update it often – It could be a Google Calendar, iCal, an agenda or a combination of the three! However, there are so many activities, meetings, networking events and more that you’ll go crazy if you don’t write things down. I check my Google Calendar daily (which in in sync to my tablet and iPod), to make sure I don’t miss anything. I combine that with my physical agenda to make sure I stay caught-up with my readings and assignments. Trust me, you don’t want to be that group member that shows up late to a meeting.

Have a great week! Talk to you guys soon.

The right school.

This is my second or third post on how important it is to get into the right school.  I am not getting any other single thread of thought that links to whatever I am doing here at my MBA program. Be it a new idea that I bring in or work together with classmates in a case competition or take help from a classmate in understanding American culture or have lots of fun with them celebrating Indian festival, I am having fum or learning something new because I chose my right fit and so did everyone else in my class.

When I brought in the idea of starting ‘Microsoft Firenze’ case competition at Fisher, the support that I got from all of the faculty and the dean was awesome. With very tight deadlines, I wasn’t told that it was not possible. I was given the kind of freedom and support that we needed to bring this on. I should mention the help that I got from the second year students in making this happen. With their experience in school, they did all that they could. The result? We progressed from a time when we thought pulling off 8 teams will be difficult, to gathering 14 teams in all! Firenze is on now and am very happy to see many students from across schools participating in it. All thanks to the Dean Karen Wruck, the faculty and my seniors at school.

Talking about case competitions, there is no dearth of such at Fisher. I love solving cases and suggesting solutions. I am a devil’s advocate within whatever team that I work in. Questioning assumptions and validating the solutions are some things that come naturally to me. So case competitions are something that I really enjoy working on. Green Case competition was one such.  I loved my team on that competition. These are the times that you get to work with different people, understand them, have fun, and make good friends. And the best part is when you cheer for your classmates when they win the same. The most heard line in the conversations between the teams was “The only part that I don’t like about this is competing within ourselves”. So when another team from the class wins, it’s just so natural to feel happy for them.

Coming from a foreign land, I didn’t want to take anything for granted. I always want to be sure of what I speak and do with my fellow mates and other Americans. So when I was invited by the IFI to spend the Thanksgiving day with an American family, I sought the help of one of my classmates to pick up something for them. She was gracious and generous enough to not only suggest a gift but also take me to the right place to get it. I am truly lucky to be with such wonderful people.

When it comes to celebrations in India, nothing beats Diwali. That just multiplies 10 fold when you are celebrating it in a foreign land and 100 fold, when you are celebrating it with your American and other international friends. 🙂 I am just back from the best party that I had so far in school – Diwali Dinner organized by Fisher Indian Students’ Association. 🙂 That was a lot of fun. All those who were present were very open minded, had a lot of respect for Indians and their culture and wanted to learn more. They all learned some cool Bollywood moves!! No one had any inhibitions and the kids of my classmates had fun too. This was one of my best times here at Fisher. 🙂

I got a few emails from prospective students on how and why I chose Fisher and I said, “Because this is where I fit very well”. That’s what I would say to any one looking at a business school:- contemplate on whether that school will be the right fit for you. Trust me, these two words “Right Fit” mean so much and more!!