Why Ohio State?

Ohio State University /Fisher College of Business was my last choice. I was applying to four different universities, and Ohio State was one of them because it is a top MLHR/MHRM program, I wanted an HR program that was part of the chosen university’s college of business, and I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket by only applying to one school.

I was planning on going to the wonderful university where I completed my undergrad, Utah State. I had loved my time there. They have a great HR program and my husband and I currently were employed and living in Logan, UT. How convenient!

Dan and I
Dan and me


I began the application process for the four schools, and within a week I had received a call from Ohio State just letting me know they were there if I had any questions, or needed anything. I was impressed, but still sticking to my original plan. With every piece of the application that was sent in there was another call or email from OSU. Not one of the other schools had reached out to me, and in these few months of communication with Ohio State they had somehow made their way from last choice to a top contender. What they were showing me was that even though it is a HUGE school, I was still important to them. I knew that I would be getting the individual attention and help that I wanted out of my graduate program.

My puppy
This is Chaz Lopez-Hilker. Dan, this little cutie, and I make up"Our Family."


By the time I received my acceptance to OSU I wanted to go there, but moving across country didn’t seem to fit what our family needed. I reached out to Ohio State about this, and I cannot put into words how helpful they were in making it possible. I was able to get a position at the University that would make it the convenient and right choice for my family. I love Ohio State, and am so happy to be here, and know that while I am one of tens of thousands of students that I am important to the program and the University.


Brutus Buckeye
Brutus and me