My internship in China

Alcatel-Lucent global locations
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Back in the U.S., I was in China for roughly two months during the summer, working as part of my internship. During this period, I had an internship with Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell, which is headquartered in Paris. Alcatel-Lucent enjoys a large telecommunication market in China and worldwide.

I worked as Business HR Assistant in the Oversea Business Department, which contribute roughly 45% of revenue to the company. My supervisor is Business HR Manager, who deal with all the HR functions within the department.

I was fortunate to be assigned to help the staffing process for the Sales Manager position in Laos. My responsibilities included conducting telephone interviews with potential candidates, scheduling the second-round and third-round interviews, and assisting other interviewers during the process. Before I called the candidates, I read the job description carefully. However, I found that the job description was not very accurate, since it didn’t describe the responsibilities and necessary qualifications clearly. Before writing an email to give my opinion about the existing job description, I realized that I should do a bit of research first. In other words, I should not simply criticize the original job description; rather, I should research the actual job and compare it to the existing job description. I looked at the job description on O*Net, searched similar job descriptions in other companies, and surveyed current employees in those positions. Finally, I developed the job description and submitted the new job description to the interviewers, including the HR manager and senior leaders in Laos. I was so excited to receive their positive feedback!