Author: LaToya Prevost

May 16, 2010
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It's hard to believe, but I am approaching the end of my 1st year of grad school, signifying my halfway mark of completion of the MLHR program as well.  I can say that it has been quite an experience thus far.  What I found most unexpected about my time in grad school has been the amount of time/effort I put forth in this program.  To be honest, I expected graduate school to be a natural progression of undergrad.
May 07, 2010
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Ever have those moments where something someone said behind your back eventually makes it to you.  Don't you hate that!  Doesn't it suck even more when it's someone in your family.  Throughout life and our careers we will receive criticism and be forced to face the sometimes pleasant and unpleasant opinions of how others think of us and our performance.  Assumptions and decisions will be made accordingly.But, I guess the whole purpose of this blog post is to inspire someone who's reading this to "Rise Above."  Rise above the nonsense, and the sting of getting that
May 04, 2010
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Right now all I want to do is rant about how much this quarter has been beating me up, but instead I rather focus my energy on something else.  But what though?  I sort of feel like my life revolves around this program.  Even my job is deeply connected to my program, in that I'm fulfilling a requirement for my program. about summer plans?Summer is soon approaching and I am excited.  First and foremost I'll be working at my internship full time, but aside from that I hope I am able to get out and enjoy Columbus a lot more.  I'd definitely like to visit t
April 27, 2010
Author Profile's that infamous time of the year. You know it, you love it, it happens 3 times in a year...MIDTERMS!!!  I stated last quarter in a previous posting that midterms seem to be harder than finals.  It's that point when you are climbing up to the top of the hill, and then right after it's done everything stabilizes and you can coast for a while until you reach that next hill...Finals, duhn duhn duhn!!! Midterms are like the Wednesdays in a work week.
April 12, 2010
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So last week I wrote about my standing in line for 2 hours to get tickets to Drake's concert at OSU as a part of his Away From Home tour.  Well this past Wednesday was the concert.