Beyond GPA: Bowling & Michigan trip!

Hi everyone!

As March draws to a close, I'm steadily approaching the end of this incredible journey at Fisher College of Business. This month has been truly amazing, starting with Spring Break week, which was much needed for reflection and rethinking where I'm headed now that graduation is so close. Networking has become a daily activity, and I genuinely enjoy it. Additionally, I used the time to prioritize our end-of-course project with my group, which focuses on Private Equity Real Estate—a topic that's truly fascinating. I'll share more about this in another post! Some took the opportunity to visit their loved ones, traveling to places like Russia or Taiwan. Others opted for a well-deserved vacation, attending Premier League soccer matches in London, and some even went skydiving in Las Vegas! Truly a Spring Break for all tastes.

As you can see, the importance of a master's degree isn't just about what you learn in the classrooms or what you take away at the end of the day in terms of GPA, but also the experiences you gain. Those team projects and case competitions lead you to understand your classmates better, exposing you to different ways of thinking and living life. Before entering this Master's program, I had only been in contact with the western side of the world, but now I realize there's so much more beyond that, thanks to the SMF.

When I say this program feels like a family, it's true. Thanks to being a small cohort, you get to know everyone very well, including your professors, especially those with whom you take multiple courses like Prof. Pinteris.

In early March, we had the opportunity to have a bowling day with him. The SMF Council organized this activity, and it was fantastic. Almost the entire program was present, and we had a truly wonderful day, getting to see another side of Prof. Pinteris, who happens to be a bowling pro!

Following that activity, we organized a trip to meet our life-long rivals, University of Michigan, as well as to embark on a gastronomic tour of Dearborn, a recommendation from our friend Adam. We tried Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian food, and more, ending the day at an Indian restaurant. It was really fun and culturally enriching astronomically. 

Graduation time is approaching! Stay tuned for upcoming posts where I'll talk about my Private Equity project and job seeking!

Stefano Mejia