What the Graduate School At Fisher Provides Beyond Academics

Hi everyone!

After another month at the graduate level in the Fisher College of Business, I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the aspects that the MAcc program provides beyond the academics. 

The graduate office at Fisher does a great job of providing students with ways to decompress and enjoy our time while on campus, between classes, and during the weekends so that we feel like we are at home. During the football season, an important time for all Ohio State fans, the grad office throws tailgates and provides food for all who attend. For students that are coming to Ohio State from another state or institution, this is a way for you to feel like you are a part of the Buckeye football culture!

In addition, the graduate office always has ways of celebrating our students. On Mexican Independence Day, the office had catering from Condado Tacos. Coming from the undergraduate level at Ohio State, I can definitely say that the graduate office has done a great job of doing little things like this to make me feel welcomed and supported by those that work at Fisher. Just last week, there was a celebration for Lunar New Year in the graduate lounge which had catering provided and even some students brought in their own food to help out. There is a lot of diversity across all of our graduate programs so it was exciting to see how Fisher appreciates and respects all backgrounds this past week!

The final item I want to talk about are the "MAcc talks" that are an extra component of the Fisher MAcc program. A "MAcc talk" is held most Fridays throughout the semester, providing students with an opportunity to listen to industry professionals give insight on their profession, and offer us advice for our own careers. We have had the opportunity to listen to retired partners from Big 4 accounting firms, someone that works for the CIA, a lobbyist from Washington D.C., and even some people with a more academic concentrated background. Listening to these talks throughout the last 20 weeks, I can safely say I have learned a lot about how i want my future career path to go and the surplus of opportunities for accountants in the professional world. These speakers go beyond the technical aspects of accounting and give advice about the soft skills of accounting, the importance of our working relationships, and the growth of their own career. I can safely say that I have learned just as much about accounting from these talks as I have in my graduate level courses. In addition, free food is provided to all students that attend the talks, something that us college students definitely appreciate and take advantage of.

That's all for this month's post. Until next month!