The Power of Relationships: What Makes the MAcc Special

Hi everyone! While the MAcc program has a plethora of opportunity to deepen your knowledge in accounting and its peripheral subjects, there is more to learn than what is written on the syllabus. In this blog post, I will discuss with you how relationships that I've made with fellow students and our professors have enhanced my learning experience in the MAcc program at Fisher. 

First, and perhaps most beneficial to me, the MAcc curriculum places a heavy emphasis on group work. Whether you're meeting after class with some colleagues to prepare a presentation, working together in class to complete an exam, or simply being asked to share your thoughts amongst the folks around you, the MAcc program will prepare you to develop personal relationships with your cohort that enhance your academic experience. Another important thing to note about collaboration in the MAcc program is that groups are often randomly assigned, meaning you will consistently have the opportunity to learn new things from new people and develop new and unique solutions to the complex problems presented to you. 

Another important element of the MAcc program is the relationships that you can forge with your professors. Although the program is just two semesters long, each semester is split into two, 7-week sessions. As a result, you may have professors once, twice, or even three times depending on how your interests align with the electives they teach. Due to the small size of MAcc classes, your interactions with professors will be more personal and genuine, so when you go to their office hours or speak with them between classes, they're aware of your interests, your life events, your career plans, etc.. This is a notable difference between my graduate and undergraduate experience, and it has made a considerable impact on my learning experience through the course of the MAcc. 

While I've discussed the strengths of the curriculum that composes the MAcc program, another unique advantage that the MAcc possesses is its ability to forge strong professional and personal bonds with the people in the classroom. 

I hope this blog post provided you with a new angle on just how special the MAcc program can be in developing a more in-depth knowledge of accounting!