Spring has Sprung in Columbus

Spring is blooming in Columbus.  Flowers are sprouting up on the ground, and green is overtaking the grays of Ohio winter.  With nicer weather (hopefully) coming around to stay, there are numerous ways to enjoy all the wonderful things that Columbus, Ohio has to offer.  In between classes and exams, I would recommend taking advantage of the wonderful spring weather to explore the city outside of the OSU campus.

Here are three great ways to enjoy the beauty of spring here in Columbus.

1. Enjoy some of the parks in the surrounding area.

There are many beautiful parks for hiking, walking, biking, and more in the surrounding city.    For whatever outdoor hobby you enjoy, there are wonderful parks in the area that will allow you to make the most of the lovely weather.  With trees in bloom and wildlife returning from hibernation, the parks are especially beautiful at this time of year.

2. Take advantage of great local restaurants.

As the weather gets nicer, many local restaurants will open up their patios for outdoor dining.  Some restaurants even allow patrons to bring their pups along to dinner or lunch.  Finding a beautiful outdoor patio on a great spring day can be a wonderful way to decompress after a long week of classes.  

3. Study outdoors!
Sometimes, there is too much work to do to simply put aside responsibilities to enjoy a beautiful day.  On such days, it is a great practice to bring your studying outdoors.  There are numerous great study locales on the Ohio State Campus for lovely spring days.  I would recommend spending time doing homework around the scenic Mirror Lake or on the Oval.  There are many great nooks to find on campus!

With these tips, I hope that you can enjoy the Spring months here in Columbus, Ohio.