3 Hidden Gems in Marketing

Anyone who has followed or read my past posts knows I came to Fisher to pursue an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain. Still, the beauty of an MBA is that you have the opportunity to explore your other interests and subjects that can add value to your decision-making. Classes on marketing and analytics sparked an interest and I was looking to further my knowledge in these fields. I recommend the following courses to anyone interested in marketing and analytics:

  1. Marketing Research and Analytics
    A class that focuses on developing the skills required to carry out in-depth market research considering the qualitative and quantitative methods available to go about the process as well. Professor Roger Bailey also offers a market research project with a company typically situated in Ireland looking to open operations in the United States, offering the students an opportunity to carry out the market research.
  2. Consumer Behavior
    Understanding the consumer is critical to the success of a business and the subject dives into the common decision-making process of consumers, how marketers can identify points of influence, the methods to drive loyalty, etc. Additionally, the class is structured in a way that students make individual presentations about current consumer trends, helping drive awareness of the current trends and how companies are leveraging their resources to capitalize on them.
  3. Customer Relationship Management Analytics
    The subject dives into leveraging customer data collected at the point of sales to make more data-driven decisions by identifying and segmenting loyal customers based on different methods based on an organization's requirements. The course also highlights the importance of understanding the lifetime value of a customer and methods of quantifying the same.