My top 3 operations and supply chain electives

My passion was to pursue a career in Operations and that motivated me to consider Fisher College of Business while applying given the ranking of the department. My advice to interested students on the top courses would be

  1. Six Sigma Principles
    This a must-take class for all students considering operations as a future. Both the faculty who take the class are highly knowledgeable and have tons of industry experience between them that adds a lot of value, especially in classroom discussions. Additionally, the teachers are able to break down key concepts into a more digestible format & use activities to help with learning.
  2. Strategic Global Sourcing
    The class is focused on understanding the key concepts when it comes to procurement, fundamental questions as to if a product should be made or sourced, the factors to take into consideration, current trends, etc. Professor J.V Gray has vast industry & subject matter knowledge and uses cases to encourage students to think for themselves & question their thought processes.
  3. Matching Supply & Demand
    One of the most challenging problems in supply chain management is matching supply and demand and Professor Hill has some great insights that can help guide those decisions. The course covers key principles such as forecasting, demand planning, risk pooling, etc. all of which are key skills.

Some noteworthy mentions include Supply Chain Management, Data Visualization & Six Sigma Projects. These are the classes I would recommend for a student pursuing a career in Operations Management.