How to Make the Most of Ohio Winters

As someone who has had the joy of experiencing an Ohio winter before, I have no problem finding things to do. However, I realize that not everyone enjoys the cold as much as I do, so here are some fun activities for those who prefer the indoors!

I am always a major sports fan, and this year, there is no shortage of really good athletic programs to support. The Ohio State Women’s Basketball team has had an incredible season being ranked number 2 in the nation. So, watching them and the mens team compete in the Schottenstein Center has been a staple for me and my friends. Our university hockey teams, as well as the NHL Columbus Blue Jackets, are a great event for international students who might not have seen a hockey game before.

Photo of Claire at Ohio State basketball game

For those who are starting their New Year’s resolutions, the Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC) is a great place to get a workout in and get some warmth in the sauna afterward. Another activity that I love to do when it is cold is to get a warm cup of coffee and read a book. German Village on the south side of the city has great coffee shops and bookshops that you could spend hours in. The Short North also has some great spots with local shops and nationwide chains for everyone.

Lastly, the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden and the Columbus Museum of Art are two great places to see some beautiful gardens and art for people who are not interested in sports. The snow and cold might seem daunting during the winters, but there are still plenty of things to do in Columbus to have fun outside of classes!